Blockchain Providing Ultimate Trust When Gaming Online

Posted by BitcoinCasino on June 29th, 2019

Blockchain Games And Trust

Gambling online is one of the biggest risks you can take with you more money which is why it is essential that everything is fair and transparent. Sadly that is not the casino with traditional web-based casinos as over the years many have been caught carrying out some form of fraud or refusal to payout. The blockchain does not allow cheats as it is independence thanks to its decentralized nature and when used in conjunction with gambling activities, it provides the ultimate trust. 

Why Blockchain Is Beating The Competition

Gambling is an activity that is growing in popularity each year and even when a country has strict laws in place banning it, billions are still wagered via illegal means. The solution to this problem can be solved by blockchain technology as regulation can be part of the smart contract code protocol that ensures everything is 100% accurate without any tampering possible. It means that those that do decide to bet illegally will have full protection which is not the case currently.

Example Of Traditional Casino Failings

Traditional online casinos have always tried to tempt new players with free giveaways but sometimes they are not always what they seem. You may come across a huge BitCasino no deposit bonus only to find out that the wagering requirement is so high that it makes it nearly impossible to profit. Many have used punters lack of knowledge about crypto and blockchain technology to present their sites as ones who use this tech along with offering provably fair groundbreaking games. This is just another marketing ploy to attract new signups so it is vital you take the time to check if they are a real cryptocurrency casino or not.

Potential Of Blockchain Gambling

The reason why blockchain has gambling investors and developers excited is due to the massive potential of providing the worlds first fully decentralized platform that is far superior to any traditional casino. Due to being independent and eliminating the human element via smart contract development, a large number of the present failings can be completely eradicated. These include fraud, game manipulation, payout rates, transparency, along with greater rewards for becoming part of the community of the site.

New Ways To Earn Through Gambling

Unless you own an online casino you can only attempt to make money by gambling at the site's games or placing bets. With the odds stacked to make sure you lose, only a very small amount of people will be able to profit. That is not the case with blockchain casinos as new crypto is put in place designed specifically for the platform. Users can choose to invest in the currency and will be rewarded via a profit share or other scheme that is set up to reward players. It means that it is now possible to choose to become the house which always ends up on top, therefore guaranteeing profits each money.


Next time you see the bitcoin payment sign at an online casino do not expect it to hold the advantages of blockchain gambling. It may be that the site only accepts BTC and does not utilize smart contracts or other cryptocurrency tech benefits that will make your experience superior by providing a better chance to win. Carry out full research by visiting websites such as to read reviews of each before deciding.

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