10 Health Benefits of Zamzam water

Posted by Ady Grewal on June 29th, 2019

Undoubtedly, Zamzam is the blessed water on the earth which fulfills the people’s desire regarding remedy. Muslims throughout the world drink the Zamzam to treat their different diseases which are not being cured medically. Moreover, pilgrims who travel to Mecca in order to perform major or minor pilgrimage come back with Zamzam water to give people to get the reward. Zamzam water has qualities of purity, cooling & refreshing nature and quench thirsty features. 

Since it was regarded to the family of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), so obviously it has miraculous features as well. It was no small wonder that Zam-Zam not only removed the thirst of Ismael (AS) but his hunger as well. So, from that time people are being cured with Zamzam water as it has several qualities of medicines which are beneficial for man’s health.

When someone has exasperated to cure some fatal disease, so he concentrates Zamzam water to treat his disease miraculously. Thus, if you get a chance to perform Umrah through umrah package for December 2020 then you must come back with Zamzam water for the rest of people.

As our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said, “Zamzam is the best water on the surface of the earth because it offers both thirsts as well as starvation nutrients.

Free of germs: Zamzam water is free of germs. Dr. Yahiya Koshak, an expert on Zamzam says that the water doesn’t have any pollutants. It has been experienced by infrared rays and concluded that there is no possibility of finding bacteria in this valued water.

Abundant with Calcium and Magnesium: The water of Zamzam has healing nature as it contains the required amount of Calcium and Magnesium. It is germicidal in nature because of its fluorides presence. These facts have been proved medically.

Increases blood platelets: Zamzam water increases the blood platelets, increases the immunity of the body, increases WBCs, RBCs and detoxify the body.

Weight loss: It decreases the effects of hunger.

Helps in Weight gain: Regular ingestion of this amazing liquid helps to sustain the body and may also increase the weight of the body.

Highest purity: Zamzam has the purest form of water on the Erath because of its comprising of a suitable amount of bicarbonates (366mg/l), which is even higher from the French Alps water (bicarbonates-357mg/l).

Increases eye beauty: Smearing this water over your eyes helps to brighten the eyesight. Washing eyes with this holy water are also helpful to cure many eye connected illnesses.

Reduce acidity and heartburn: Since Zamzam water has alkaline in nature, so it neutralizes the additional acid formed in the stomach which is obviously beneficial for hyperacidity and indigestion.

Best water on the earth: The Messenger of God said that the best water on the earth is Zamzam water as it has just like as food and has the power to cure sickness.

Enhances energy in human cells: Dr. Knut Pfeiffer, the head of the largest German scientist medical Centre in Munich says that Zamzam water remarkably amplifies the energy levels in the cell systems of the body.

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