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There are scams everywhere these days. Racing Classifieds are no different. There is one scam that has been going around for years. It must work. Somebody is falling for it. If it didn’t work sometimes, this guy (or guys?) would stop. How the Racing Classifieds Scam Works

• First, you place your ad for race cars for sale.

• Soon enough you receive a reply.

• The reply specifically asks to pay by PayPal.

• He asks you to send money upfront, usually for shipping or some other expense. Your Ad for Race Cars for Sale.

It doesn’t matter where you place your racing classifieds. If your contact information is on the internet, you can be a target. There does not seem to be any pattern to the types of race cars for sale. The scam artists just try everything. You Receive a Reply. It is always exciting to receive a reply to your racing classifieds for your race cars for sale. It may be this excitement that makes some people more vulnerable to being scammed.  Drag Racing Cars

The reply is usually:

• Awkwardly worded.

• Offering to pay the full asking price.

• Making an emotional appeal like; he is “buying it for his son” or he “is in a wheelchair” or he has “hearing loss”.

• Expressing some urgency.

Pay by PayPal There are conventional methods used to make payments within the racing classifieds industry. But the scam artist explains that he has no access to his bank account online. He does promise to be responsible for any PayPal fees or charges. He sounds a bit more like an ad for PayPal than someone replying to racing classifieds. There are instructions for what to do if you don't already have a PayPal account. The link is even included. Send Money Upfront, Usually for Shipping or Some Other Expense. The freight agent he uses needs to be paid upfront to pick up the race cars for sale. You get to choose the location. So you send the “agent” the shipping money, then he promises to add that to what he pays you. HINT: This is where he disappears. Slick Racing Classifieds Scam This is pretty slick, and it has been working for more than a decade. There are many PayPal scams, but this is how it is being targeted toward race cars for sale. So, be careful. Beware. Do not fall for the scam. If you do get contacted, please leave the details in the comments section here. At Speed Garage, we want to stay up on all that is happening currently with this racing classifieds scam. More detail: Asphalt Oval Race Cars

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