How did Ancient Egypt End "Complete Story"

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The Pharaonic civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and the greatest of them all over the world. The pharaohs were distinguished in all spheres of life which you can discover them through Egypt day tours. They were able to build a civilization that astonished the whole world, as the products of Pharaohs had many secrets that puzzled the world. Some of the secrets such as building the pyramids and astronomers were not discovered yet In spite of the developing scientific and technological, which indicates the intelligence, and ingenuity of ancient Egyptians.

How Pharaonic civilization Ended

External Factors

The Pharaonic civilization fell because of the weakness of its rulers, and the invaders of Egypt who tried to take over Egypt such as:

  • The Hyksos: They came to Egypt in 1786-1560 BC from the Levant and Iraq because of the climatic changes that were experienced in those areas. But they were stopped by King Ahmose, who was able to expel them from the country.
  • Assyrians: They came to Egypt in 1786-1560 BC, from Iraq and the Levant where they tried to annex Egypt to their rule, but their attempt failed.
  • The Achaemenids: They are one of the Persian royal families that took control of large areas of the world, and they came to Egypt in 525 - 405 BC. They invaded Egypt twice, in the first the Egyptian people Repel them, while the second time expelled by King Alexander the Great.
  • Alexander the Great: Alexander the Great occupied vast geographical areas, and included Egypt to the queen of 332-305 BC. He remained under his rule until he died, and fell under the rule of the Ptolemies.
  • Roman: They came to Egypt in 30 BC. 330 AD and introduced Egypt in the Christian religion, and remained so until the Islamic conquest in 639 AD by the companion Amr ibn al-Aas.

Internal Factors

The change of weak kings, and the oppressors of the people, causing many revolutions.
he spread of nepotism, corruption, and bribes.

The exploitation of senior ministers by weak statesmen, and coup d'etat.
The religious change that was in the reign of King Akhenaten, which caused the disintegration of the state, and its fall.

The achievements of the Pharaonic civilization

The Art

The Egyptians in the Pharaonic era distinguished themselves from their love of music, their use in public and private ceremonies, as used in prayer, and the burial of the dead.

The Pharaohs invented the hieroglyphic script, and its alphabet consists of twenty-four letters. The Egyptians distinguished themselves by writing on papyrus.

Ancient Egyptians distinguished by the use of ornaments characterized by high precision in design.

The Medicine

The Ebers Papyrus contains 87 prescription treatments for skin diseases, heart, eyes, stomach, bladder, arteries, and women.

The Edwin Papyrus contains information on surgical operations, injuries, and 48 cases that begin with defining the injury, describe the symptoms and give the medical opinion and treatment.

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