How to Recognize a Plumbing Problem in Your Home

Posted by Radmin on June 29th, 2019

For the most part, we do not see evidence of our homes plumbing system, it is a series of pipes and drains snaked through our house and underground, hidden from view. While having the pipes hidden away is aesthetically far more pleasing when it comes to home design, it can make it exceptionally difficult to recognize when we are having problems with our plumbing and what exactly that problem is. If plumbing problems are left untreated a minor problem can rapidly become a big one that can cause extensive damage and rack up a hefty bill. Here are some key signs to look out for that could be a sign of a plumbing problem. If you notice any of these signs, call a company specializing in plumbing in Brisbane CA to come to take a look and get your problem fixed.

Slow Drainage 

This is one of the more common symptoms that people notice when it comes to plumbing problems. Slow drainage is a sign that there is a blockage in the drain, this is an especially big problem in showers and baths, where hair can quickly block up a drain. There are many DIY products you can use to try and clear a blocked drain but if you find those are not working it is time to call in a professional. 

Stinky Smells 

If you begin to notice some bad odors coming from your drains, take it as an indicator that there is a problem down the line.  Bad smells can be from blockages that are causing a build up or may be from a damaged sewer line. Whatever the cause, bad smells are usually a good indicator that there are some plumbing problems going on.

Water Damage

This can be anything from the wavy water lines on walls to sagging ceilings or warped floorboards, the second you notice water damage on walls, floors or ceilings call a professional in as soon as possible. Water damage is often a warning sign of a leak somewhere within your walls or floors and needs to be taken care of immediately to avoid costly or permanent damage. 

Always make a conscious effort to pay attention to your plumbing, keeping an eye out for these key indicators can help you avoid a major plumbing disaster. The sooner you notice the problem, the sooner you can act. Due to the health dangers associated with plumbing, if you suspect a problem always call in a plumbing professional in Brisbane CA to handle the issue with the correct precautions.

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