Best Ways to Find Beta Tester after Mobile App Development

Posted by AdWeb Studio on June 30th, 2019

Developing a mobile application is a difficult task, which requires so many resources and plenty of time. After such a great investment of time and energy now you should not take any risk. Make sure to reach your app in the right user’s hands to reach the top in the store.
You should reflect each and every fact before launching your app to the store. You don’t launch an app, in fact, it is a concept and, an idea. This requires the adequate reception of the targeted audience, if it is credible then it is a competition generator as well as and competitor itself.

Beta testing seems very simple, but it is not in real. It is not easy to convince others and, doing it on your own. Mobile App Development Company in Dubai has tested the following ways to achieve market validation and to test the app’s workability.

Must take an internal Feedback

If you’re working as a team in a company or have some friends who know your work, convince them to look at your work first. Surely, your team members and, friends are those who can give constructive feedback.
Your team members are the experts of your field and, they can give you an expert opinion from perspective f your work. They are realistic and have a technical eye on the app experience.

Prepare Email List

Make a list of potential audiences when you have started building the app. During that period keep engaged them with the newsletters and, tips relevant to the app idea and, user interests. In the end, it will reward you with some beta testers among the addressed audiences. Those who showed a strong interest during the process, there is a strong probability that will be there to give productive feedback and beta testers.


These days many websites are providing Beta Testing services. In case if you don’t have prepared a list of Email addresses of engaged users, these websites can help you a lot. With their own terms and conditions, these websites can provide you access to the initial set of users for feedback quickly.

There are also websites which offer a free trial or something of the sort to get a great guideline. There is no limitation; you can access many other online websites for Beta Testing at the same time. This can make your work easier in the end.

Social Media Communities

The enormous growth of Social Media has changed the entire online world in many ways. Whether you are a beginner or an already successful entrepreneur, it is easy to find your targeted audience.

There are numbers of communities, easy to find and reach. Simply post your idea and search your relevant users. You have to communicate and, participate actively to keep engage your audience. Discuss your App idea, your journey, and help others in many ways. Through this, you will get many clues about the faults of your app and, idea and keep on working to improve further. Once your mobile app is ready to be Beta tested, you can ask the community.
Be sure to spot and gather the serious beta testers for your app, who provide accurate information about the viability and performance of the app. You can go to Instagram, Twitter, and social media platforms as well.

To drive an early interest in your app, reach the Reddit’s sub-communities. They are the best option because you will find thousands of serious Beta Testers for your app idea. Simply post the links to screenshots of your apps and show your work to get a great opinion. You will find plenty of Mobile App Development enthusiasts there to guide you.

You can post your Facebook or Twitter’s status link with those screenshots on Reddit to generate the interest of more serious users.

Overall whatever the platform you choose involves a genuine personality in the process. Being genuine and authentic rather than a robot, you will get more preference in the communities and forums.

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