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Posted by prince aerik on June 30th, 2019

Believe it or not, the Endy Mattress is your very first mattress I've ever possessed new. Obviously I was excited, is an understatement.

One hundred days have passed since we received our Endy Mattress and our appreciation for this mattress has steadily grown.


Obviously, our initial thoughts were"super comfy" and"great quality". However, as time went on, we learned increasingly more about the structure of the Endy Mattress and precisely what makes it distinct from any other on the market.

Foam has a Distinctive open-air cell structure

  • Offers support and shapes your body

  • Reduces pressure from back to hip

  • Not temperature sensitive

Motion Transfer Resistant

My absolute favorite feature of the Endy Mattress reviews 2019 must be that it reduces movement! You may see in the images above that even with a leap the rest of the mattress does not crease. This means I don't feel as though Miguel leaves for work in five-o- clock in the afternoon. Allowing me to enjoy my sleep for longer.
Endy Mattress Review

One thing I discovered immediately, was that the difference in firmness when having the Endy mattress on a platform mattress rather than directly on the floor.

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Our Endy Mattress spent a great 50 days on the floor. Throughout this time, we were looking for a bed frame that would improve the mattress.

It lifted the mattress 14 inches off the floor and we certainly prefer to have the mattress on a platform mattress directly on the floor. However, the Endy mattress is just as comfy with whatever way you want to use it.
Concerning the Endy Pillows

The best part about the Endy Pillows is you can customize the height of the cushion based on your personal preference. The covers are machine washable and are manufactured from 100% cotton. I enjoy sinking to our Endy cushions at the end of a challenging day!
Endy Pillow Characteristics

  • Inner core stuffed with shredded bamboo charcoal memory for
  • Filled with hypoallergenic microfibre
  • Fully customizable elevation
  • Supplied mesh storage pouch doubles as a travel cushion

Final Thoughts

I have only positive things to say about our Endy Mattress.

It's become Canada's best selling online mattress for a reason. We've got that the King size mattress and cushions which retails for 0 CAD and 0 CAD.

Having a 10-year warranty on the mattress and 3-year guarantee on the pillows, you won't regret purchasing this mattress on any other.

Endy has offered my readers off any sized Endy Mattress with code HEYDY50.

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