Why Is Career Counseling So Important These Days?

Posted by HelenaNelson on July 1st, 2019

The professional world is challenging and dynamic. New jobs have emerged that didn’t exist ten years ago and many existing and high paying ones have gone extinct. So if you think that sticking to one career for the entire life would be fine enough then you are living in delusion. This is why career counseling has also transformed in the past few years.

When you first hear about career counseling, you actually envision someone guiding you which job to do in the future. However, it is quite different in the broader term. In reality, career counseling entails much more than just choosing the right job and sticking to the same job for the rest of life. Choosing the right career also means finding a way to integrate into society and making a social contribution. So, career counselors believe their role is to identify the key feature of a person’s life that can plot their career story.

Career counselors do a lot in helping people identify their pain points, career objectives, and future prospects with the career choice. There are struggles and pain in the beginning of a career which often leave people confused about their job choices. Counselors have a great role to play in helping how to deal with this pain and move ahead in the career.  

The importance of career counseling

When you make a career choice, you actually have something in your mind. You plan where you have to head and what you want to do in your life. And of course, you have to stay motivated and work hard to realize your goals.

The need to consult a career counselor is felt when you face a crossroad:

1.      While choosing a field of study, school or university.

2.      If you start doubting whether you have made an appropriate choice in terms of school, university, career or employer.  

In all these cases, the future remains upon the counselors. What was here initially, around ten years back, no longer exists.  

The need for a counselor is also felt while working in the postmodern era. The dynamism of the workplace has a great impact on workers and they have to deal with repeated transitions and crossroads at the work front. Sometimes, fear grips them as they remain uncertain about their way forward. Here, they think of career counseling services to recount their career story. During the counseling, they hear, and better analyze, their career choices and crossroads they face. With the help of professional counselors, they become able to deal with the current situation.

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