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Posted by eliteinternet on July 1st, 2019

The average person has more free time for leisure activities and sports. Many return to the sports they enjoyed in their youth and forget that they are no longer as agile as they once were. And few can return to the strength of their youth, nor can they regain the skills and flexibility they once had. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to sports injuries. There are four essential steps to sports medicine: Understand the injury, understand the injured, care for the injury during a recovery period and then finally post injury rehabilitation. 

When an injury occurs, it is essential to understand the injury. Is it penetrating? Is there a cut, abrasion or broken bone? Or is the injury muscle related? Will resting be sufficient or will some kind of intervention be necessary? Effectively this step of sports medicine is something of the triage phase. Included in this step is often immediately immobilizing and possibly icing to relieve inflammation or pain. The next step, which is almost a simultaneous step with understanding the injury, is to understand the injured. Did the injury result from over use? Did the injury result from poor training or poor equipment? What is the injured willing to do to solve the problem? What is the injured’s support system? In the case of children, can the parents or caregivers provide the necessary care? 

Hopefully these steps have occurred with some speed to reduce the time spent in pain. The next step is caring for the injury. If a skateboarder has fallen on his or her wrist, should the wrist and possibly the arm be immobilized? If so, wrap the wrist and put a sling on the arm. If there is concern that a break is involved, an X-ray should be administered as soon as possible. Unfortunately, swelling often occurs and the need to reduce that will be helpful. A very important part of care during the recovery period is clear and distinct instructions to the injured of the care they need to take, the approximate time expected for recovery and the possible side effects, such as muscle atrophy if a limb needs to be immobilized. 

The fourth essential step of the best sports medicine in novi is rehabilitation. This can include physical therapy with a professional. It may only include exercises to build strength in the injured area. One very important role a provider of sports medicine plays is in encouraging the proper use of equipment, as well as the proper training for the chosen activity. This specific step in sports medicine can be subjective and requires understanding the injured and the injury. 

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