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Posted by JessicaRhodes on July 1st, 2019

1 July 2019 - NLP.Space offers quality NLP coaching to everyone

For Russian-speaking people in the world, a blended learning course on «Certified NLP Practitioner» has begun. The training of Neuro-linguistic programming conforms to all North American and NLP international standards. The course includes classical NLP techniques and exercises, activity of the New Code, Systems Thinking, Spherical Timeline and other modern solutions in the field of related scientific and applied model of excellence. The NLP-practice exam contains 4 stages of assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities. Includes video and online verification of calibration and consulting skills, simulation project, interactive test.

When it comes to reaching success, only a few people are going to approach the matter from the scientific point of view, which is their biggest mistake. After all, successful model of behavior may well be programmed and, if you are looking to achieve results that you crave, you will need to learn how. Surely, every single one of us is different in his or her very own and unique way, but this only implies that the application of the NLP techniques will be different, not the core of those itself.

Hence, if you are going to be off looking for the very best ways to make the most from your day to day living and wish to achieve mind-blowing success within the very least amount of time possible, you are going to wish to learn more about the practices from the top coach on the market.

Coach course - Viktor Savitskiy, MD of Psychology, graduate of St. Petersburg State University (1992), Certified Trainer of NLP (1995, Anne K. Entus, Metaformation, Montreal, Canada). Studied and certified by John Grinder (USA), Judith Delozier (USA), Robert Dilts (USA), Merelin Atkinson (Canada) and other Master-trainers of NLP.

Therefore, you will feel 100% confident that you are getting all of the information that you need in the first place and from the most experienced professional.

Form of education: video lectures, educational dialogues with an online trainer, interactive tests, home projects and assignments. Course duration more than 150 hours.

If you are looking to actually change your life and crave changes for the better, the given scientific technique will allow you to make the most from your needs quicker than you could ever believe.

About NLP.Space:

NLP.Space is offered qualified as well as time-proven NLP courses and coaching for the very best prices on the market. If you are looking to make the most from your abilities, this is the one course of actions that you will need to take.

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