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Yes, we completely understand that visiting a counsellor can feel like a massive step and the courage to admit you are facing problems with your partner. It is scary to admit to yourself and your partner that things aren't good, which is really tough in the beginning. There are several people who are unaware of the role that a counsellor can play. The lack of knowledge about psychological counselling treatment might not only sound confusing and mysterious but also unnecessary. One has to consider several things before contacting a couples counsellor. You have to come in terms with the fact that you actually need the help of a  counsellor and your relationship will only improve when you see one.

Understanding Couples Counseling

Couples need to seek the help of a professional before they even feel it is needed. According to counsellors, therapy is a crucial part of any relationship. There are always issues that exist between couples, it starts off small but then it grows in magnitude and doesn't get resolved. This is the place that therapy can help you. When you visit a couples counsellor they have all the necessary tools, techniques, and solutions required to help you deal with the matter in hand. Around 80% of couples who visit a counsellor have accepted that they should have taken this crucial step was before. There are always three sides to a story - her side, his side, and the truth. An unbiased third party can offer the crucial help when couples feel they can no longer talk to each other without fighting or offending one another. You shouldn't see therapy as solving a crisis but always as a crucial and integral aspect of having a healthy life.

When should you seek couples counselling?


Every couple need to take the preventive measures when it comes to being in a healthy and happy relationship. Don't wait for problems to damage your bond.

  • When your trust in your partner is broken -


The most common reason that a couple should seek counselling is to overcome the shock, trauma, and pain of the trust being broken or breached. It can be a series of deception, lies, infidelity, and other major issues. Rebuilding the foundation of trust on which your relationship stands can be pretty difficult. A counsellor is someone that can help you talk about your vulnerabilities and help you get past it.

  • Do you argue a lot?


Are your days more conflict oriented rather than being happy? From having a chain of small arguments to massive blowouts, you end up facing a lot of drama and frustration. No matter what the rhythm, it is important to take a note of the increase in pattern. This indicates serious problems that are a constant reminder that you need help.

  • You are not communicating -


There are cases when overt conflict doesn't cause problem but the constant feeling of being ignored or misunderstood is. If you feel you don't really know is going on with your partner or their emotional state lately. The best result that a couples counselling will have on the two of you is it will increase communication. A skilled counsellor from is equipped with all the methods to help you hear, connect, and understand the needs of one another better.

Every couples faces different problems and a therapist specifically offers solution based on those problems. The first session will start with easy steps where the counsellor understands you and gets to know you better. You can discuss the areas of your relationship that you hope would improve. A psychological counselling can be of more benefit than you can imagine.


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