Introduction to AWS Lambda

Posted by hussain on July 1st, 2019

AWS Lambda provides a maintenance-free and highly-available computing environment. You not ought to install security updates, replace failed virtual machines, or manage remote access for administrators.

On high of that, AWS Lambda isn’t billed by the second however per execution. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for idleness resources that are looking forward to work.

A virtual machine is not required to run your own source code any longer as AWS Lambda offers execution environments for Java, JavaScript (Node.js), C#, Go, and Python. All you would like to do is to implement a function, upload your source code and assemble the execution environment. Afterward, your source code is dead among a fully-managed computing environment. Your new tool permits you to alter operations tasks at intervals your infrastructure with ease. This is often as a result of AWS Lambda is well-integrated with all elements of AWS. We tend to use AWS to alter our infrastructure often. As an example, to feature and take away instances to a container cluster, supported a custom algorithmic program, or to process and analyze log files.

AWS Lambda is a powerful tool in several scenarios: a REST API for an online or mobile application, an event-driven system to method knowledge, or maybe an IoT backend. We are huge fans of using AWS Lambda to alter operational tasks at intervals our cloud infrastructure. As an example, employing a Lambda operate to perform periodic health checks of a web site. Or to add tags to recently launched EC2 instances automatically.

Executing your code with AWS Lambda

Compute capability is on the market at completely different layers of abstraction on AWS: virtual machines, containers, and functions. Containers provide another layer of abstraction on prime of virtual machines. Unfortunately, we tend to don’t cover containers during this article. AWS Lambda provides computing power further however in a fine-granular manner: an execution environment for tiny functions, not a full-blown software system or container.

Running your code on AWS Lambda

To run your code with AWS Lambda the following four steps are needed:

  1. Writing the source code.
  2. Uploading your code and its dependencies (e.g. libraries or modules).
  3. Making a function determining the runtime environment and configuration.
  4. Executing the function.

You don’t have to launch any virtual machines. It runs your code in a fully-managed compute environment.

Currently, AWS Lambda offers runtime environments for the subsequent languages:

  • Java
  • JavaScript (Node.js)
  • C#
  • Go
  • Python

Comparing AWS Lambda with virtual machines (Amazon EC2)

What’s the distinction between AWS Lambda and virtual machines? First, the granularity of virtualization. On the one hand, a virtual machine provides a full software system that is employed to run one or multiple applications. On the opposite hand, AWS Lambda offers an execution atmosphere for a operates, tiny low a part of an application.

Amazon EC2 offers virtual machines as a service. However, you’re still accountable for in operation these virtual machines during a secure, scalable and extremely on the market approach. AWS Training in Bangalore Doing this generates a bunch of in operation tasks leading to substantial maintenance effort. In contrast, AWS Lambda offers a fully-managed execution environment.

AWS Lambda is charged per execution, not per second that a virtual machine is running. You don’t have to pay for unused resource looking forward to requests or tasks from now on. As an example, running a script to check the health of a web site every 5 minutes on a virtual machine price you a minimum of USD four. Executing a similar check-up with AWS Lambda is free as you don’t even exceed the endless monthly free tier.

Do you need to learn more? Reach out us if you have got any queries or need advice on how to advance your AWS skills.

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