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Posted by crampete on July 1st, 2019

Learn How To Become a Full Stack Web Developer

Full Stack Web Development We have been coming across the term full stack web development all the time these days. It is one of the most in-demand job profiles out there today. Its pay is extremely competitive.

How to Become a Full Stack Web Developer?

A full stack web developer is an engineer who develops both client side and server side.  A full stack developer can claim passing knowledge in everything under the sun, well at least related to web development. So to become a full stack developer is a tall order. 

The engineer has to learn front-end or client-side technologies like BootStrap, JavaScript, React and Angular in addition to HTML and CSS. This is the first layer of the stack. They should also be equally good with server-side or back-end frameworks like Django, NodeJS and languages like Python and PHP.  

This constitutes the second layer of the stack. The third layer consists of databases. Knowledge of databases like MySQL, SQLite and MongoDB are desirable. Once you have mastered at least a few of these such that you can do end-to-end programming, you can be called a full stack developer.

Courses for Full Stack Web Development

A lot of courses on Full Stack Web Development is available, both online and offline. Choose the right one for you. The right course will equip you fully as a full stack web developer at the end of the training.

 Please beware of attractive course advertisements that promise you super quick learning curve, for example, 2 weeks, to become a full stack developer. They will come with a heavy price tag. These are bogus courses. You need time to learn any skill and you need lots of projects and practise time to become an adept. You need a tailored course which will give you the opportunity to do a lot of structured projects. 

Check out this comprehensive Course on Full-stack Web Development. The curriculum starts with the basics like HTML and CSS. Then they train you in a set of programming languages like JavaScript and Python etc. and include databases and frameworks based on the languages. 

Some of the popular Frameworks for Full Stack Web Development

  • ReactJS- This is the most popular front-end framework in the market. It has a component-based development model. This framework uses JavaScript. It is maintained by Facebook.
  • AngularJS- One of the first front-end frameworks, Angular uses JavaScript. This created a benchmark for front-end development using JavaScript. 
  • NodeJS- This is also a JavaScript-based framework, but it is a back-end technology. NodeJS is used for server scripting. Most popular back-end framework of all times, this will not go out of fashion anytime soon. Paired with ReactJS or AngularJS, you can develop end-to-end programming for a website.
  • Django- This is a full stack framework but mainly used for back end development. It is based on Python and is easy to use.

Databases overview.

The database is the third layer of Full stack development. There are three types of databases available. The traditional database is the Relational Database Management System(RDBMS). they store data in disks and in table forms and use SQL.

 The second type is a NoSQL database. The third is a hybrid and is called the NewSQL database. This uses traditional Relational databases with memory. The disadvantage of this type of system is that you run out of memory to store. You should definitely learn at least one of the databases to become a full stack web developer. 

What are the Full Stack Development Tools

Tools are used for making web development easy. Tools include front-end, back-end technologies, frameworks, libraries, DBs, Package Managers and code editors to name a few. The transient nature of web development means that every day, there are more and more tools being available in the market. You can get to know about some of the Full Stack Web Development Tools here.  

  • Chrome developer tools- allows the developers access to the web application internal section. It is available with chrome and safari. It also has options to optimize loading flows
  • GitHub- Its a distributed version control system application. Stores the written code and tracks changes to it. Deepens collaboration between team members. It handles large projects with ease.
  • jQuery- This is a JavaScript library which makes front-end development easy. It abstracts functionalities. Makes designing easier.
  • SASS- It is a CSS preprocessor. The preprocessor helps maintain code, and reduce the CSS coding you require as well. 
  • Angular.js- A framework developed by Google, it uses HTML as the base. It is used for managing a dynamic view. Gives value addition to HTML.
  • BootStrap- This is HTML and CSS based and supports JavaScript. Developed by Twitter, it cuts down a lot of code required in web development. 
  • Grunt- A task runner based on JavaScript. It is used to automate repetitive tasks like unit testing and compilation.
  • MySQL- An RDBMS, this is the traditional database. Uses SQL for operations. It is also one of the popular and widely used databases.
  • MongoDB- NoSQL database meant for modern developers. It is document based and SQL is not necessary. High-security levels are maintained. Cloud-based version is available.
  • Atom - An modern cross-platform text editor. It has a built-in package manager.
  • Sublime text- This is a super fast code editor. Popular for allowing superfast navigation and simultaneous edits. 
  • Dreamweaver-Developed by Adobe. Used to create websites, it also helps with code hints on HTML, CSS and PHP

What are the Applications of Full Stack Web Development?

The uses for full stack development is almost limitless. They can create websites and web pages. Build applications for computers as well as mobiles. Build chatbots for any number of applications. Manage servers, manage databases. Write scripts to do even the smallest task like organizing photos. Any task from the smallest to the very large ones can be performed using full stack development.

And the list will go on forever as long as there is the internet. Full stack is just a collection of a set of technologies taken together. As your knowledge with technology increases, there is one lesser thing that you can’t do.

Is there a Roadmap to Become a Full Stack Web Developer

When the subject you have decided to learn is vast, a road map is a good place to start. With a road map, you chart out your goals, interests and strategize how to get started with learning. The roadmap is just a guide to equip yourself with a minimum required skill set to call yourself a full stack web developer. Check out A Roadmap to Full Stack Web Development where some of the more popular technologies are discussed and will help you to chart your own course.

Summary: In demand job with highly competitive pay. The developers master as few technologies and are adept in many more.Knowledge of design, data structures, algorithms and Git are good value addition. 

Full stack developer is expected to maintain, troubleshoot, and optimize the system. To learn efficiently, use a roadmap to sort and select the technologies and tools.

You can use Full stack web development tools to make the entire process easier.

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