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Posted by Mohit Sharma on July 1st, 2019

As we all know that the technology is increasing by leaps and bounds. Technology has completely changed our lives and comfort .We know that the existence of takshila university which was one of the earliest in the world included the study of physics ,chemistry, medical,  astrology , astronomy etc .Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru initiated the higher science and technology in india. In next 20 years we will be fully dependent on technology. In 1951,the first IIT was established at kharagpur to increase the importance of technology and education. Now we know that I7 processor in laptops are available but in future I9 & I11 processor will be available which executes the instruction very fast .It will be just work like a multiprocessor Operating system. Today’s when we want something we walk to kitchen and then take it but in future we will take the same through technology by remote or Infrared radiation .We know that in motorcycle first came 2 stroke engine then 4 stroke, now in 20 years 8 stroke engine will come which takes 2 stroke each for 1 process. There are 4 process in IC(Internal Combustion) engine which are

1.   Suction

2.   Compression

3.   Expansion

4.   Exhaust

We use that fuel which causes lots of air pollution but in future fuel will be finished then we will use bio fuel which will not cause air pollution .Technology will have increased to such an extent that we can do anything. The importance of Artificial Intelligence(AI) will be increased. In computer science ,Artificial intelligence(AI),sometimes called machine intelligence ,is the intelligence demonstrated by machines ,in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans. The term artificial intelligence is used to describe the machines/computers that mimic cognitive functions that humans associate with other human minds such as learning and problem solving. Now consider the 20 years to 2019.Back in 1999 we were in the early days of the internet. we worked in big computers and powered by windows 95.There were no touch screen phones or flat screen TVs. People laughed at the idea of reading electronics books. So, what will our world really be like 20 years from now? What does the future hold for the food we eat the technology we use and the homes we live in? The cars will be flying in the sky but the reality will probably be less exciting.

The world in the next 20 years will probably be much like it today. but smarter and more automatic .The time machine will be launched and people can see their future. The internet has changed the way people meet and fall in love .online dating and location based services such as vine, snapchat ,instagram have opened up possibilities that allow people to look beyond their immediate friends. We will wear Band Aid fitness on our skin that charge our devices using wireless power. Refrigerator will tell us when we have run out of a milk or when door is open. Televisions will tell us when we have stopped watching and will turn themselves off and save power. in every home elevator stair will be their instead of simple stairs. Textbooks will be replaced by virtual reality, E-Education has already covered the major part of school education. As Artificial intelligence will be increased so robot will be their  in every traffic signal instead of traffic police. Elevator with rolling wheel will be available in street roads which carry person or load and will be automatic

.As time machine will be available so people can see their future and make some changes in that ,Smart watch will be launched which work just like cell phone. whenever we will have some work then we can display a screen in front of our hand or on the screen. To learn languages capsule for different languages will be available .We will just have the capsule then in 1 – 2 hours we will learn a language of those which we took a capsule. One of the most feared areas of the changing face of technology in the coming 20 years is the rise of artificial intelligence and the robot workers, many people will bring a vast change to every aspect of our working lives.

The rise of artificial intelligence will see between 40 and 70 million workers lose their job across the next decade and the situation grows even worse for many low skilled workers in the coming years. One of the most well known areas of technological advancement in recent years has been the development of driverless vehicle which have been pioneered by major technology groups such as Google and Uber, which has been well publicized but also creates a different choice for consumers who must place their trust in latest technology. Virtual reality is already having an effect on the lives of millions of people around the world but a change in the way we play games in 2019 is having an effect on how the gaming industry is evolving for the future. In next 20 years, the rising use of cooperative games has been identified as allowing scientist and major organization the chance to solve problems using video game as the base for the completion of research.

The days of playing sports and games purely to win, appear to be coming to an end with video games been used by 2039 to treat a number of issues including anxiety and depression. As mentioned earlier, the initial aim of many of the pioneers of the internet was to develop computers and web space allowing the movement towards the singularity to grow over the life of the internet .Unfortunately many of those have enjoyed the freedom of the internet over the course of the last few decades. By the middle of the 2030s, it is expected, the end of net neutrality will lead to a more commercial internet where individual pages are no longer searched for, but environments and feelings are expressed across many areas of the internet.

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