Native Advertising: Benefits And Goals

Posted by amrina alshaikh on July 1st, 2019

Native Advertising

It is a type of online advertising, which matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears.

Native advertising is a form of paid mobile advertising in which the ad experience follows the natural form and function of website. Native ads replicate the visual design of the website where they are targeted. They look and feel like integral website content. Also, native ads behave consistently with native user experience of the site and functions similarly as original content.

Many big media companies monetize their content with native ads. Also, large social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat monetize with native, in-feed ads. Again, the publishing industry is following into the style with companies like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Time Inc, and Forbes introducing new advertising integrations on mobile and desktop to match the form & function of their news feeds.

Role of Sponsored Content

Referred to as native ads or even advertorials, many publishers have their sponsored content studios to create content specifically for their partner brands. Publishers include old media houses like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Time Inc, Forbes, & The Guardian, and new media companies like Buzzfeed, Slate and Thought Catalog, among others.

How is native helpful

  • Mobile branding: Many of the mobile media buyers reports suggest that native ads on mobile screen are effective at achieving branding goals.
  • Native gets noticed: As much as 25% more consumers look at in-feed native ad placements as compared to the standard banners.
  • Viewed as part of the content: Consumers see native ads twice as compared to editorial content.
  • Purchase drivers: Native ads have shown a staggering 18% higher lift in purchase intent as compared to banner ads.

Native Advertising Benefits

The world is today advertising-saturated and consumers have become pretty smart in ignoring advertising from afar. Also, consumers tend to view the information in ads as sceptical info as users know about paid digital marketing ads.

Native ads combat both these issues. By looking in the same form and function as the original content around it, native advertising camouflages marketing messages in such a way that they look like editorial content.

The blending of ads in content makes it more likely for native ads to be perceived as editorial content resulting in giving two more significant benefits:

  • A high likelihood for ads to be seen and
  • A greater chance to rub-off consumer trust on the brand

Native Advertising Goals

  • Positioning the image of the brand in the consumer’s mind
  • Making consumers take a particular action

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