"Maplestory M" added adventurer professional "Paladin" announced that it's going

Posted by Yucca195 on July 2nd, 2019

Nexon's MMORPG "Maplestory M" announced the revolutionary adventurer's set of June 20th. In this update, the brand new adventurer "Galaxy", which could use four attribute skills, is usually added. Updates including 1+2 Burning Activities and the brand new hunting ground "Black Star Force Battlefield", please consider the following for more information.

This new adventurer's career is a "Paladin" that can use four attribute skills to create a powerful damage value. In terms of skill, "Patriarch" will add attributes to the monster according to the different attributes. When the attribute on the top is correct, the damage is increased by 30%. In terms of the content of the new hunting grounds, the new "Black Star Force Battlefield" is launched, which is a new unit based on the powerful monster battles of the current high-level players on the darkness of the main map. Players can use the Maplestory M Mesos and Dreamstones from the fallen Queens of the Queens to make the Queen's equipment and enhance the power of the Black Star by strengthening the "Black Star Power" by chaining the Queen's equipment.

In order to commemorate this revision, Nexon will create a new adventurer, the Paladin, on July 24th. When the character is upgraded to the designated level, you can get the flying dragon and the adventurer's medal. Wait for the Paladin Growth Support Box. At the same time, the “1+2 Burning” activity, which is popular among players, creates a range of 3 to 75 levels of limited combustion characters. Each level of the upgrade will increase by 2 levels!

In addition, from now until June 30, you will be logged into the game, and the official will be able to send a variety of game rewards such as damage font custom field expansion coupons, gain pets, character field expansion coupons, Maplestory Mobile Mesos, etc. From now until July 3rd, the "Butterfly Collecting Stars" campaign will be held. Players can get lucky boxes containing activity coins that can exchange various items. Another special event will be held between July 4th and July 17th. The "Red Maple Bath" will be held in conjunction with 4 players. As long as the advertising balloon is repelled within 70 seconds, A lot of red maple coins can be obtained.

In addition to the revision of the content, "Maplestory M" also announced the upcoming first-anniversary event, which is expected to be held from July 5th to July 7th in the West Hall, 1914 Cultural and Creative Industry Park, Huashan, Taipei. The official community website is exposed, adventurers who want to have fun together, don't miss this year's event!

"Maplestory M" is a mobile game based on the well-known PC game horizontal reel MMORPG. Through the complete reproduction of the original nostalgic content and the gameplay of the world view, the player can relive the impression of co-teaming challenges with friends.

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