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Posted by Games GotTalent on July 2nd, 2019

Online gaming has changed the way children now play games. Moving on from the actual board games, they are now playing the same games online. There are both advantages and drawbacks of this increasing trend of children getting more interested in online gaming.

Here considering the fact that online gaming is the in-thing, you need to see whether you want to play free games or are you ready to pay for the online games that you play.

Free Games

There is a very large variety of free online games. You search for the free online game on Google and you have an entire list of sites and portals that offering free gaming. You can choose from free online adventure games, free online board games, free online strategy games and free online puzzle games depending upon your interest of gaming.

There are many games that are free till the last point of entertainment. You can have endless hours of entertainment while playing these games. Advancement in technology and better graphics, have made online game playing the best and the most convenient way of being entertained.

However, you must understand that the game developers are not doing any social work by offering free games. They are in there to make some money. As you keep advancing on the game levels, chances are that you will be offered certain features only on payment.

These ‘freemiums’ as they are called are features that help you advance in your game and if you wish to keep playing, you must pay to unlock these features.

However, free games are free to a large extent and that is why they are loved by all.

Paid Games

The free games have freemiums to make money but there is an entire category games that is available only on payment. An initial session is offered free after which you need to pay to unlock the game.

When it comes to the paid games, it can really be costly at times. It is not just that game that you have to pay for but you need good equipment that not only offers you good gaming experience but also runs the game smoothly and without glitches.

Each new stage of the game needs to be unlocked and if you need new features to have better game play over your competitors, then it is additional money.

Which is better?

The scale is balanced between free and paid games as both categories have their fans. While you will find easy and small time games free, the multiplayer or heavy games are usually paid.

When it comes to enjoying on the go, you can download any of the free online board games or the free online arcade games and have fun time with friends and family.

There is no hassle of carrying a heavy box of game when you are traveling because you now have the entire game library in front of you. Simply choose the category of games that you like and get going. 

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