7 Peculiar Ways To Enhance The Writing Skills

Posted by Elizaa Beth on July 2nd, 2019

As Shakespeare said, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” But, the pen itself is not enough to become an effective essay writer. There are certain ways by which students can enhance essay writing skills. If the students face problems in writing the essays and are pushed to polish their writing skills, then there is nothing to hesitate about. They can visit various essay help websites that will assist them in improving their writing skills and will turn them into great essay writers.

These are some tips and tricks helping the students to enhance their essay writing skills:

1. Repetition of ideas should be avoided – This is the biggest hurdle in writing a logical and meaningful essay. When students use same words ad nauseam, the reader takes it as a sign of laziness. Here there are different tactics that can help the students eradicate wordiness, repetitive words and phrases.

a. The simplest methodology for the students to improvise the writing skills is to discard the habit of using the repetitive words and phrases in their essays.
b. If they think that a particular idea is mandatory in the essay, then replace the word or phrase with something identical. In short, substitute a pronoun for a name, such as “she” instead of “Laura”. Students can make use of synonyms as well.
c. The last technique can be the most effective one. The students can skip words like such as a, of, while, it, etc. Instead of these words, craft a new sentence that retains these words but discards the repeated ones.

2. Active voice should be used – Breathe life into the essay writing – The use of active tone is preferred in the essay writing. Students are always advised to use the active sentences in writing the subject matter of the essay.

For example – Tom kicked the ball (active)
The ball was kicked by the Tom (passive)

3. Banish the banal – For improving the writing skills, students must delete the idioms and clichés. The readers want original thoughts, and not canned sentiments. This means that the students will have to replace the mundane words with something clever of their own. There may be situations when the students have devised a perfect comparison, that highlights, the essence of their writings but there are chances that an experienced reader won’t be as impressed as the students are. So, the students should banish the trite phrases to be used in an essay writing.

4. Mechanics of the essay- Sweating the small stuff – A small spell-check is needed frequently. It will not take much time and will save the students from the embarrassment of being called a student doing consisting errors. The students need to comb through the whole essay carefully before handing it. It has been seen that brilliant essays also receive lower grades if the simple mistakes are left unresolved. There are significant essay help websites that teach the tricks to build the mechanics of the essay.

5. Signposting or supervising your reader- While the students are writing an essay, it is very important to consider the reader. Guiding the reader through their work will need to inform them about where you are starting from (in the introduction) and where you are going (in the body paragraphs), and where you have been (in the conclusion).

The students can do such by using the simple statements and questions and by summarizing all the aspects of essay writing. There are few examples like:

a. There are two examples of this; First…. Second ….
b. With regard to the question of….
c. Finally, it is important to include

6. Constructive paragraphs – Everyone finds it simple and easy to read a text broken into short paragraphs. Keep in mind that without the relevant paragraphs and spaces, the essay will appear to be an indigestible chunk of words. The students should construct the essay in a sequence that consists of distinct points arranged in a rational order. Various essay help websites provide tips to write constructive essays, students should take guidance from those websites.

7. Drafting and re-writing – Thorough edit is required for all the essays. In other words, the students should read the essay details, edit them and criticize their own work to make it more meaningful and better. The students can cross out one word and in place of that substitute another one, change the shape or emphasis of a sentence or an idea. The students should make sure that there is adequate referencing.

One or two edits are enough. It is good not to be involved in the multiplicity of drafts. The best remedy is to analyze the question again and write another plan. Rewrite the essay according to that revised plan.

In nutshell, it can be said that following these tricks can help a potential student to grab certain essay writing skills. These will surely help the students to become good essay writers. Also, the students should visit various essay help online to learn about the desired tricks and gimmicks for writing an essay.

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