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Basic Footwork and Steps for the Beginning Badminton Players.

Posted by peterparker2000 on July 2nd, 2019

Basic Footwork and Steps for the Beginning Badminton Players.

Racquet skills are crucial to the game, but did you know that footwork is equally important as your opponent will try to hit the bird as far away from you as possible. Good footwork is simply being able to reach the bird in time to stay in the game, without losing your balance. You can do this in a number of ways, but regardless of technique or style, your goal is to cause your opponent to run out of time to return your shot. Depending on your location, you can shuffle, glide, lunge, skip, or even bounce. One element common to all methods is how you position your body. Keep your feet no wider than your shoulders and bend your knees a little. Stay on the balls of your feet and keep your racket up and ready to go.

When you become a stronger player, you will choose where to start playing from based on your strengths and weaknesses. As a beginner, start somewhere in the middle of the court. Use your racket to reach shots played to your strong side while in this area. If a shot is played to your weaker side, extend either leg along with your racket to reach it.

You will eventually end up outside of the middle of the court. If a shot is played to you from the front area, take a small, then larger step (or lunge) to reach it. Try to time it to coincide with your hit.  If you’re at the back of the court, skip backwards while rotating your body to stay behind the approaching bird. Failing to move back fast enough will weaken your hit, if you’re able to make it at all. When possible, return to your base after each shot you take.

Left Arm is Equally Important

Most of beginners ignore their left hand at first, not attempting to control it. However, left arm is key for your balance. While you are turning your shoulders, you should bend your left elbow and pull your left arm close to your body. Control on your left arm will prevent misbalances and enable more effective shoulder rotation.

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