What to Look for When Purchase a Cricket Bat for the First Time

Posted by Sports4Change on July 2nd, 2019

If you first try cricket and need to buy a new cricket bat, whether it's in the India or elsewhere in the world, here's a shortlist to make sure you buy the correct cricket bat.

1. Will you use a ball - If you're using a leather cricket ball, you'll need cricket bat. Whether you're playing with a tape ball, rubber ball or tennis ball, your needs can vary. If you're planning playing beach cricket, you'd look at another range.

2. Measure the size and strength – You need to measure the size and strength to figure out the right cricket bat for you. You'll also need to check your strength to make sure you don't buy too heavy a cricket bat.

3. Your Budget - As a first-time cricket bat buyer, you have no choice in the arm, scalloping, or edges. You'll want something that's effective and durable. Through your cricket career, casual or even formal, you can learn specific things you like in a cricket bat. You'll find a sweet spot and count a variety of grain in your brain. You won't have what to deal with as a first-time buyer and decide what your budget can accommodate. As with any other product, it's generally what you get from a reputable buyer when it comes to cricket bats. At shops like #Sports4change, there are great deals and bargains, but a higher costing cricket bat will never be as good as a cheaper cricket bat.

4. Search for reputed seller - If you buy your first cricket bat, find a reputable seller. Buying cricket bat on many online portals is risky. A company like #Sports4change will provide advice and can speak to you directly to find out exactly what you need. Look at your company from online reviews and forums. Finding and effective cricket bat seller is as critical as finding the right bat. Consult the company's social media accounts to see what other clients say.

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