Electronic Locks: Use It For Your Home Or Business

Posted by Get Pro Locksmith on July 2nd, 2019

The changing trends of technology have influenced all aspects of life and locks and security devices have also evolved accordingly. Now we have a lock system that can work without a key. There was a time when it was hard to imagine a lock without a key but with latest electronic locks it has become possible! These electronic locks are more durable and reliable. They are mostly used in places that demand higher security. Most of the residential user prefer such locks at the safe, cabinets and entrance door so that they can ensure tight security of their assets and loved ones.

Installing electronic lock ensures better security that is why they have emerged as a popular choice for commercial areas, business premises, and residences. If you have been wondering to buy the electronic lock or not then the first you should learn which type of lock could work best for you, you can explore the options online or visit the local repair locks store and pick a suitable option. Before buying the one learn about the pros and cons of the electronic locks and make a smart decision.

  • Advantages of Electronic Lock:

Forget Keys Forever: Say goodbye to keys. If you are among those who often lose, break or forget the keys then electronic locks are just for you. You can open and close the lock using a program so you don’t have to carry the key simple as that. If no one can steal the key then there is a lesser chance of intrusion as well. That means your property remain more secure.

Reliable Security: They are more reliable when it comes to offering security. The lock can be used by multiple users with multiple codes. Master user can add or delete the users. It is highly useful for business and commercial areas where a certain area is accessed by the number.

Temporary Codes for Temporary Users: You can allow people at your will to access the lock by setting a temporary lock code for hours or days. This is highly useful when you have certain visitors or guest at home. The best part about temporary code is the master user can find when the code is used and the lock is opened. This level of security is not possible with mechanical locks.

Easy Home Monitoring: One can sync the electronic lock with home automation. This will help you to monitor the house while you are away. You can lock and unlock it through the phone from any place. This can be a great security advantage when you are on vacation and can manage the security of the house.

  • Disadvantages of Electronic Lock

Though electronic lock offers various advantages, it has its own limitation as well. Here are a few of the disadvantages:

The Battery May Run Out: Though, modern electronic locks notify the users before the battery is over or if battery demand replacement. Many electronic locks allow keyed entrance in case of battery failure. But if you don’t have the key or the lock does not have the system of keyed entry then it would be impossible to get the entry. It is suggested to choose a lock with the help of locksmith that supports key entry as well.

Keep Your Phone Secured: You can access your lock through the app that you can use through the Smartphone. But what if you lost the phone or phone is out of work. This can make hard for you to access the lock. So you have to take good care of your Smartphone or things can be precarious for you.

App Security is Crucial: It is the app that allows you to access the electronic lock but what if the app itself is infected with virus or malware and give hackers a chance to penetrate the lock and find the way to unlock the lock at their will.

The Keypad can Reveal the Code: The regular use of certain keys make the code evident. The intruder may decode the code just by checking the keypad in a few attempts.

Higher Cost: Electronic locks are expensive in comparison to mechanical lock. The smarter the lock is more expensive it becomes. They are costly and its repair and maintenance are not easy one has to call a professional and qualified locksmith to work on the electronic lock.

The advantages of the electronic lock can outnumber the disadvantages. So if you are planning to opt for an electronic lock for your office or home then it can be a great pick. Consult a local locksmith they could help you in choosing the right type of lock for your property and would ensure stronger security.

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