5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Junk Food

Posted by Alex W on July 2nd, 2019

Over the last few decades, we have been becoming increasingly accustomed to an easy life. We put real effort and work hard in order to make our life easy. In doing so, we do get to enjoy life’s luxuries but at the cost of our health.

Like many easy-going modern day luxuries, food has also become one of the ready-made items of our daily life. These foods have been labeled junk by many, but they are becoming a larger part of our routine meals more than ever. Tastier, easy to cook or ready-made, affordable, available all the time, these factors have made junk food all attractive and in high demand.

Why we should avoid junk food and what are the damages they cause can be summarized as follows:

1. Source of Extra Fats:

The junk food is packed with fats and carbohydrates that go beyond the normal quantity. Burgers, fries, meat, sauces can be really harmful if taken on a daily or excessive basis. As these foods are made affordable for everyone, the quality is also extremely compromised in order to compensate the low prices.

Excessive so-called nutrients and low quality make these foods not suitable for our health. The saturated fats and hydrogenated oils are the main components of these juicy meals, which can cause serious cardiovascular conditions.  

2. Low or Zero Nutrients:

Most of the processed food that we consume daily does not come with the nutrients mentioned in the food packaging. Due to the process of preserving the food and in the need to constantly change the temperature (especially in frozen food), the nutrients get wasted. You cannot have a healthy diet with such foods – you will simply end up filling your belly with food that is tasty, but poor on nutrients.

3. Use of Preservatives and Other ‘Non-Healthy’ Ingredients:

Another main reason to avoid junk food is the ingredients used to make or process them. Most of these ingredients are chemicals that are used as preservatives, food colors, artificial flavors etc. These ingredients are the reason for hormonal and other body disorders that can be harmful and even life-threatening.

4. A Package of Diseases:

As these foods come with a variety of health-threatening elements, the body becomes a home to many diseases. The use of saturated fats, extra sugar, flavors with high salt and artificial spices, low or zero vitamins and proteins makes the body functions deteriorate. With low immunity, the body gets riddled with life lasting diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, allergies, depression as well as chronic ones such as heart diseases and cancer.    

The food components and quality are not the only reason for these meals to be labeled as junk. The places where these are produced, the packaging materials used, the places where these are sold, are also key factors in making these foods not suitable for a healthy lifestyle.

The factories and places where these foods are produced or cooked do not strictly follow the ‘Health and Disease Control laws’. In addition to the low quality and nutrient-deprived ingredients, these places may often have low hygiene, which further detriments the quality of the food produced there. 

5. Increase in Body Weight:

Junk food is also the main reason for the increase in body weight. Bodies that do not get regular workouts and a proper diet tend to deteriorate in shape. In addition, the high calories, low-quality ingredients, zero nutrients affect the immune system severely. With all the defenses down, the body’s metabolism does not work properly; therefore, resulting in weight increase. With an increase in weight, many severe conditions such as high blood pressure, breathing issues, heart-related issues are becoming common these days. 

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