Three Safest City in Texas

Posted by Sophia Martinez on July 2nd, 2019

Recently, there was a release from Safe Wise that there are 50 safest cities in Texas for 2019. However, we just want to share the first three cities that are safe.

We know that Texas is indeed a big city with a bigger population, and unfortunately, this means that applies to statewide crime rates. The Lone Star State has slightly higher violent and property crime rates compared to national averages. Its 4.95 violent crime rate is barely over the national rate of 4.49 incidents per 1,000 people. But the good news is that 84% of the safest cities reported fewer than one violent crime per 1,000 residents.

While let us tackle the property crime,  the state’s 29.11 rate tops the national rate of 27.11—but not by much. It helps that 100% of the cities on our list did better than the national property crime rate, with no city experiencing more than 23.72 incidents per 1,000. That’s impressive for any state, but it really stands out for one that’s so populous—three of the cities that made our list have populations over 100,000.


Here, we have gathered the information that will help every reader to know more about the reality in Texas. 

1. Texas has made to be in the safest city in 2018 thru an 80 percent safety proven. 

2. While moving forward, there is a city called Kermit that has a zero crime rate in 2017. Shocking isn't it?

3. 96% of the cities reported fewer than 100 total violent crimes, and no city saw more than 1.16 incidents per 1,000.

4. 21% of Texas respondents to our State of Safety study experienced a digital security issue in the past year, compared to just 8% who experienced a violent crime.

5. Digital security is the top safety concern in Texas, with 58% naming it number one on our State of Safety report.


1. Kermit

This city has 6,459 population but then the violent crime reported is zero percent in every 1000 people while on the other side there is 2.17 percent property crime in every 1000 people. 

2. Memorial Village

This city has 12, 319 population. With the said population it is nice to hear that this has been included in the safest cities in Texas. It has a 0.08 percent violent crime rate in every 1000 people. and 6.90 percent for property crime. 

3. Fairview

With a population of 8,547 every one who might relocate in this city will not have to worry as it has 0.12 violent crime rate and 6.44 percent of property crime in every 1000 people.

Well, this could be good news for everyone who might want to move in Texas. However, for you to make sure if you want to know if someone has a record of violence you can always do a background check here.


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