Is Forex Trading In Philippines A Good Way To Earn Money?

Posted by Jezzy Ashton on July 2nd, 2019

The Philippines is one of the top countries where forex and options trading growing very fast. So selecting the right broker is very important for Filipino traders.

Forex stands for foreign exchange and basically mean the trading of one currency for another. Is the buying and selling of currencies in order to make a profit on fluctuating currency values. It is just like trading in shares, is an act of you buying foreign currency at the bid price and selling it at a higher price in the future to make a profit. Every day, the world’s currencies change the value in relation to one another. If you’ve ever heard somebody say, “The US Dollar is stronger against the Euro this year,” all they’re saying is that the US Dollar has good buying power than the Euro. The need to exchange currencies is the main reason why the forex market is the largest, most liquid financial market in the world with an average daily trading volume exceeding trillion.

Anyone can start with trading, but you will need a good and reliable Forex broker to help set up a Forex trading account, facilitate your buy/sell orders and assist you in making informed decisions. Without the backing of a knowledgeable broker, finding profits is immensely difficult.

 Is Forex trading legal in the Philippines

Yes, Forex trading is legal in the Philippines. However, you must take care of your tax liabilities. Since the rules keep changing, you should consult a local Financial Consultant for detailed advice on legal aspects of Forex trading in the Philippines.

 How to Start Trading Forex in the Philippines?

To start trading forex in the Philippines, the first consideration for any potential or seasoned trader is to know trading risks, understand market analysis and have a good idea of what sort of additional effort trading in the forex market entails. Educational resources and books on trading forex can be readily found on the internet, and many forex brokers also offer helpful learning material.

Also, most forex brokers will offer a free demo account for you to assess their services and try out their trading platform. Trading in a demo account before committing any funds is strongly recommended for both novice and seasoned traders to determine the broker’s reliability and to gauge their effectiveness in filling your orders. Be careful in picking a broker. One of the most important elements consists of whether the broker is strictly regulated by a popular and reputable government agency.

 Final Thoughts

Overall, trading the forex market involves finding the right broker for your needs, especially if you have little or no experience in trading. If you have the experience, then you should have no problem finding a broker that meets your requirements, whether you choose one based in the Philippines or elsewhere.

Forex trading in the Philippines is an incredible and thrilling activity that needs a person to possess a mix of discipline and evaluation. Though finding a good broker to partner with is very helpful to your trading business, the most important factors that will enhance your trading success involves your trading plan and your level of preparation. 

 Risk Warning: Always remember that with trading, you should know the risks beforehand – these are volatile markets where it is completely possible to lose a large amount of money if you do not know what you are doing. Make sure to do your research, learn the platform inside out and never risk more money than you can’t afford to lose.

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