MapleStory 2 Assassin Attack Solo Guide

Posted by xiayumin on July 3rd, 2019

Entering a dungeon alone in MapleStory 2 is challenging, but it doesn't matter what your job is. Anyway, including assassins. We don't just deal with normal mode dungeons, please note. This is a hard mode dungeon - we are talking about the fire dragon.

Ready to kill

Before the assassin can accept the difficult mode of the dungeon boss, you must give it a suitable structure and equipment. For your device, make sure the following statistics are available for each type. For weapons, first puncture, then physical attacks, all injuries, and physical punctures. As for headwear, suits, tops, and bottoms. After a physical attack, make sure Boss Damage does exist. Gloves must also prioritize Boss Damage, but choosing Physical Piercing is a secondary injury. The other will only cause Boss damage. Finally, for cloaks, belts, earrings or amulets, people who want to find everything else can use Boss Damage or Critical Rate.

These gears are worth a lot of use with  Cheap Maplestory M Mesos, so I look forward to taking them out.

Skills and preparation
As for your build, you will find three options. From their name, you must be able to distinguish their core skills.

The first was built by Lucky Stars, Star Chaser and Star Flurry. This version is unique in that it is very efficient and can be used even if your device is not enough. On the other hand, there must be a shadow cutter, unlike HMO, which may play larger single target damage.

Finally, there must be a second part, and once HP drops to 20 million, it will start. Be prepared besides the unavoidable flames and fireballs - he will do the same attack. This should be Maplestory Mobile Mesos simple because you have probably mastered the rhythm now.
With the right equipment, architecture, skills, and knowledge, Assassin is often a lonely killer.

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