How to choose the Best Online Games for Kids

Posted by Games GotTalent on July 3rd, 2019

Kids these days are hooked to their gadgets. Be it the smartphone or the tablet, you can always see them playing some sort of games with the Cartoon character either running after something or smashing jellies or doing similar other things.

With so many games available online, the kids are now having a gala time. They need not stick to one game or wait for the next festive season when their parents would buy them a new game.

They simply have to Google it and there it is!

Kids can now play free action games and they can play free sports game according to their liking. However, as parents you must keep a check on what type of games your kids play.

You must keep a track that the games that your kids play are not adult, paid or offensive in any manner.

Here are some tips that can help you find the best online games for kids and online games for girls:


Reading reviews is the best way to find whether the chosen game is suitable to your child or not. You can read reviews as given by other parents. This way you will know that the game that your child is interested in is fine or not.


Every game has a rating as per the age for which it is suitable. While “EC” stands for early childhood, “AO” stands for adults only. Such ratings are there on gaming platforms enabling you to choose a game that suits your child’s age.

Free or Paid

If you have a small kid and his/her interests keep changing, it is better to stick to free games. You need not spend extra every time your kid gets bored and wants a new game.

Paid games are usually for elder children that usually stick to one type of games. Moreover, you would not want to spend unnecessarily on games and its accessories when they are available for free.

Games that Interest

You must choose that game for your child which is of his/her interest. If your child likes sports and often talks about and plays sports, you must choose a sports-based game.

If your child likes puzzles, go for puzzle video game. Similarly, you can choose games that are of your child’s interests. This way, he/she will be engaged for a long time.

Variety of Games

While it is recommended that you pick games that your child, it is also said that you must pick various game so that his/her vision is broadened.

In addition to a few entertainment games, make your child play some educational games as well.

Learning while playing is the easiest way to make children learn. They do not realize that they are learning because there are no text books but lessons given in a fun way.

You must choose games for your child that you can play along. This not only inculcates a feeling of togetherness but you can also keep an eye on the online activity of your child.

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