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Posted by john Karen on July 3rd, 2019

Booking a newspaper advertisement was a tough job in the olden days. You had to trudge all the way to the newspaper office or contact any of their agents and submit your advertisement draft physically. Usually, the newspaper agents edit your draft before submitting it for printing to save cost.

In the bargain, there were chances that your advertisement might lose its essence. You had to wait eagerly for the morning newspaper to confirm whether they had printed the ad or not. The newspaper agent might not have given it the priority that you would have liked. Considering these circumstances, you are in a better position today, as you have the facility to book newspaper advertisement online.

Here are the benefits that you get when you book advertisement online.

  • Direct correspondence – When you book newspaper advertisement online, you correspond directly with the concerned newspaper. As you eliminate the intermediary, you save on time as well as cost.
  • Variety of choices – Usually, Indian newspapers have vernacular versions. Booking your advertisement online allows you the benefit of inserting the ad in the vernacular versions of the papers as well. Some of the newspapers today offer this service for free, whereas some of them charge a nominal sum. Hence, you get a wider reach for your advertisement at the same cost.
  • Save time – The most significant advantage of booking advertisement online is that you save time. You do not have to go to the newspaper agent and submit the advertisement draft. You can do so while sitting in your home or office. There are no time restrictions when you book advertisement online. It is possible to book your ads even at the dead of the night.
  • Get accuracy – In the olden days, you had to depend on the newspaper agents who used to edit the content to suit the requirements. As a result, there were chances of omitting a vital part of your content. When you submit the advertisement draft online, you check every word that you type. Hence, there are no chances of missing out on anything.
  • Have a preview of your ad – Booking advertisements online gives you the benefit of previewing your publication. You get a chance to look at how the ad might look after printing. You also get the opportunity to edit the ad if it becomes too long. These advantages were not available in the olden days when you utilised the services of the newspaper agents to do the job for you.
  • Get the benefit of advertisement tools – Most of the newspapers today have advertisement tools on their websites to help customers to book newspaper advertisement online. Use these tools to your advantage.
  • Transparency in rates – When you book advertisement online, you get the advantage of direct prices. You can check up the rates and choose a suitable advertisement package.

The advancements in technology have made it convenient for you to book advertisements online, whereby you end up saving time, money, and labour. 

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