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Memory care is a diverse form of long term care designed to meet the specific needs of a person with Alzheimer’s disease and other phases of dementia.


It’s a kind of mental impairment in which you forget your memories, names. Usually, forgetfulness is often seen with a normal part of aging. Misplacing reading glasses, forgetting names or having a lot of “senior moments” is nothing more than an irritation for many aging adults. However, this is not the case for everyone.

If you’re loved one's forgetfulness is compounded with such things as complications: (SYMPTOMS)

  •  Completing routine tasks
  •  Problem-solving
  • Understanding relationships
  • Change in mood and behavior

Then it may be a more serious form of memory impairment. If you are suspicious that someone you love is suffering from such form of dementia, kindly contact your primary care physician for a screening. Medication is available to help with these symptoms and may slow the progression of the disease before it gets worse.

 When is it time for long-term care?

Although many people prefer to memory care for someone suffering from Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia at home, sometimes they may come to a point in the disease process that makes home care insurmountable.

Some questions to consider when deciding for long-term placement are right for your loved one to include:

  •  Have any accidents occurred recently with appliances in the home such as the stove or forgetting to turn it off properly?
  • Is your loved one taking medications on a timetable, following correct dosages, and willing to use an organizer/reminder device if necessary?Has your loved one got lost or is unable to remember personal information such as an address, phone number, contacts that enable them to return home?
  • As the caregiver, is your health at risk, are you missing a lot of work or are unable to manage other responsibilities?
  • Do you have additional support to care for your loved one?


Choosing a long-term care setting for your loved one may be the most problematic decision you will ever need to make. That’s why; The Lantern will let you find the best possible care for someone suffering from memory disorders. We not only focus on the well-being of the resident but also that of the family.

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