Access Your Yahoo Mail With Your Favorite Email Client Using IMAP And POP

Posted by Amara Karan on July 3rd, 2019

The convenience of using your favorite email client is not something that everyone likes to compromise on. So, using different email services can force you to abandon your favorite email client. You can access Yahoo mail with your favorite email client using the IMAP and POP protocols. 

Now, use your regular and favorite email client like Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to receive messages on your Yahoo account. The IMAP settings for Yahoo ensures that you can access emails in all Yahoo folders. You’ll also need to configure SMTP settings to use the third party email clients.

What are IMAP, POP, and SMTP?

The IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol) is used to receive and view the messages, SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used to send the messages to your contacts and POP (Post Office Protocol) is also used for receipt of the messages.

So, when you configure the IMAP protocol you’ll also need to configure the SMTP protocol. Both of these protocols working in tandem will give you the performance you need. POP protocol fetches the messages from the server and then deletes that message from the server while IMAP protocol synchronizes all the messages from the server and you can use the Yahoo account on more than one device.

If you are not comfortable in configuring the IMAP and SMTP protocols, why not let the experts handle that for you. Just call the Yahoo customer service number and let them help you in setting up the Outlook or Thunderbird for you.

Settings for Yahoo IMAP and SMTP

To add a new account in any of the email clients you need to follow the certain steps. 

  • Go to your email client app (Outlook, Thunderbird) and open the dialog for Add account.

  • Now, type in your domain name and click on next

  • Now in the advanced tab, you need to enter the following IMAP and SMTP details.

  • IMAP Yahoo mail server –

  • IMAP port – 993

  • IMAP TLS/SSL – Yes

  • IMAP username – your Yahoo email address

  • IMAP password – Yahoo mail password 

  • SMTP Server –

  • SMTP port – 465

  • SMTP TLS/SSL – Yes

  • SMTP username – Your Yahoo email address

  • SMTP password – Yahoo mail password

After filling all the details you’ll need to click on the Create Account button and your account will be added in the Outlook. Few of these step might look difficult to you or you are not understanding something, contact the Yahoo help number and get support from the Yahoo tech support team.

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