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Posted by Lori on July 3rd, 2019

One major trait of humans that keep them at the excellent place from the rest of the species is the ability to communicate. We are fortunate enough to express our needs, speak out our mind, and collaborate with others just because of the communication ability of ours. And this helps us in almost every walk of our life, including business. It is the business communication which allows us to fetch sales, initiate collaboration, resolve customers’ queries through business phone Number and do a lot more.

So, what exactly is business communication? 

Business communication is the communication that happens within and outside an organization. Here, we share information about the business, talk about the ways to improve sales and inform the team about the business methodologies. Business communication takes place at various levels and bridges the gap between theoretical business policies and their practical implementation. 

Types of business communication 

Now, just as we have different types of personal communication, there are different types of business communication as well. The two main types of business communication are internal communication and external communication. 

Internal communication - As the name suggests, this is the type of communication that occurs within an organization, for example, the communication between the team leader and the teammates of the same company. Now, depending upon the people involved in the communication, internal business communication is also of three types. 

  1. Upward internal business communication wherein communication flows from subordinates to the manager/superior officials. 

  2. Downward internal business communication wherein communication flows from managers/superiors officials to the subordinates. 

  3. Lateral communication/Technical communication wherein communication takes place between cross-departmental coworkers.

External business communication - Any business communication that takes place with the people who doesn’t belong to your company is external communication; for example, dealing with your vendors and customers. Though these people are not a part of your day-to-day operation, they do hold the utmost importance for your business. Now, external communication is also of four types.

Communication wherein you take instruction and assignments from other business resources. 

Communication wherein taking feedback, correction, and reports is involved.

Communication where sales pitching, promotional activities, and decision-making is involved. 

Communication wherein meeting information is shared. 

People are using the International phone number for better communication with their global clients.

Is it so crucial for your business?

Of course, it is. 

Do you think that the productivity of the team increases by 25% if its teammates are communicating with each other? When your team is well-informed about any of business strategies and are in constant touch with your teammates using a business phone number, then they are likely to perform better. The half-informed team doesn’t give you better results. 

Not only this. Around 28% of projects will be delivered late just because of poor communication. Many internal and external resources work over a single project. If you seek timely completion of your assigned projects, then it is essential that there is no communication gap between all the resources.  

How can you achieve constant, cost-effective, and comprehensive communication? 

By now, we assume that you know what value business communication holds for a business. Now, the legit question here is how one can achieve constant and cost-effective business communication. The answer is right here. 

Take the help of enterprise level phone system – 

Business communication these days has gone beyond the boundaries of simple call making and receiving. It happens through email, SMS, and video conferencing as well.

Enterprise level phone system is capable of doing all of this in one go.

It comes with in-built SMS, voicemail to email transcribing, and even video conferencing facilities. That makes your business communication fully integrated. So, in case, your business needs such communication capabilities, utilize Enterprise level phone system without thinking twice.

Let your communication take place on cloud-space – Cloud-based business phone systems are easy-to-use, costs you less, and demands no maintenance. Another significant advantage of these sorts of business communication means is that your data is accessible from anywhere. Thus, your business communications will not be hindered at all. 

For example, if you have cloud-based Australia virtual phone number, you can connect with your teammates even from your living room. You can hold an urgent meeting, arrange video conferencing, and let other teammates of remote location be a part of it easily.

Set your communication free from device compatibility - Do you know more than 80% of employees use more than one device to communicate? Yes, it’s true. So, it is essential that you are also setting your communication free from device compatibility. VoIP based business communication is not device-based at all. It can work with any data-driven device. 

For example, your Peru virtual phone number (starting with +51 1 for Lima, +51 74 for Piura, Trujillo +51 44, +51 54 for Tacna and so on) may operate from a PC, laptop, tablet, and even from a mobile phone as well. 

Final words 

Constant, comprehensive, and cost-effective business communication is what ensures you need to touch the mark of success for your business.  A VoIP-based phone system helps you get a hold of this easily. So, buy one today and empower your business communication.

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