Guide for performing Umrah with elderly

Posted by adywilliam on July 3rd, 2019

Umrah, which is the sacred crave of every believer in Islam, is an optional prayer, which involves the visit to Holy Kaabah (considered as the House of Allah). The rituals of Umrah includes some laborious tasks specially Tawwaf and Sayee which require great effort and may become a difficulty for children, diseased and most importantly for the elderly. Young people are energetic and have more endurance to the harsh conditions of weather. While the elderly might have more desire and crave for this form of prayer, however, they lack the vitality to do so. In this case, when a person becomes ill, aged and comes in an age where he/she requires the help of their children to support them, it becomes the responsibility of the children to take care of their parents as they took their care when they were young, weak and fragile.

No doubt, the effort put to complete the rituals of Umrah itself bear great rewards and privileges for this world. However, even the intention of helping one’s old parents or dependent relatives to perform Umrah multiplies the reward than usual as well as also becomes a way to please one’s Creator. In some families, it is a rule that the elder member would perform Umrah first followed by other members of the family. In such cases, it becomes necessary for the young and energetic children to help their old parents perform all the rituals of Umrah.

Some cases include those in which parents all their money and resources on the upbringing and education of their children and couldn’t get a chance to pay a visit to the House of Allah in their youth and energetic part of life. In this case, when the children become educated and financially stable, it is their duty to not only take care of them and provide them with all basic necessities of life but also to fulfill this holy desire of them. If you get a chance of availing December Umrah packages 2020, do consider your elders' parents to perform this beautiful prayer and ensure your own availability to accompany and support them in offering all the rituals.

Although few of your parents just need your support others who might be more aged to require your complete support to perform Tawwaf, Sayee and every other ritual of Umrah, so it might increase a bit of your individual effort of Umrah as well to take their wheelchair, crutches or whatever the situation may be. No matter what the scenario, the labor might be increased, however, the reward is manifold.

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