7 Surprising Facts about Conference Venues That Will Amaze You!

Posted by Andrew Philips on July 3rd, 2019

Corporate events like conferences are changing just like any special event and are turning up the volume for everything from attendee engagement to décor. Modern companies are seeking new and exciting experience for event attendees.

From destination events to enhanced technology and innovative décor, companies are fashioning new experiences that go beyond the normal. The following are surprising facts about modern conference venues:

  1. New And Unique Venues

While most conferences are held in hotels, new trends in corporate event planning are throwing up unique venues for conferences. Currently, more and more companies are hosting their events in unique and fun venues like casinos, concert/sports venues, theme parks, private villas, aquariums, airplane hangars or macabre spots like caves, war bunkers, old lofts or warehouses, abandoned homes, vaults, abandoned train stations and clock towers. Creating a lasting impact on attendees is important for growth in future attendance and longevity of conferences. Unique venues create unforgettable memories.

  1. Event Transformation

Though big companies can book unique venues for their event, they still need décor to brand their events. Branding is necessary for conference attendees to reach the right spots. Modern companies, especially start-ups are elevating the way they brand their events with unique touches. Besides typical banners, companies are transforming event spaces to familiar feelings for guests. To transform a conference venue into a unique experienceneeds décor specialists who can transform a venue with the right use of furniture, linen, technology, etc. A conference may be used as the frontline marketing event for a business. Whether a sales or a training conference, the planners must aim to create brand loyalty.

  1. Focus On Engagement With Attendees

Organizers of conferences are increasingly making attendees a part of the event. In place of sitting and listening to speeches and presentations for hours, the latter can pitch in and participate. Increased engagement comes in various forms. Today Power Point presentations are being replaced by video conferencing, live-feeds, on-site blogging, hands-on workshops, event hash tags, event specific apps and more. Enhanced engagement translates to superior experience for attendees.

  1. Ultra Hi-Tech Events

Naturally, more companies are implementing technology in their conferences. Apart from the must have, Wi-Fi, hosts and event planners are using advanced technology to develop new, unique experiences. Technology is transforming the conference space. Some of these are- 1) event apps featuring workshops and presentations schedules; 2) GPS event locators; 3)On-site social media networking; 4) information kiosks;  5) on the spot competitions and surveys; 6) on demand video feeds; 7) personalized push notifications and 8) real time language translation. With the onset of smartphone technology, this is just the tip of the iceberg in the way in which technology is transforming the traditional business conference.

5.       Events And Communities

A new nuance of corporate conference design is to regard it as a ‘community’. In place of the typical 2 or 3-day event, corporate need to deal with longer lifecycles for their events. Events begin even before they start. From registration till the post show weeks, event hosts need to build a community around their event. They need to create a sense of excitement before, during and after the event. The biggest challenge is to find resources to manage events through their lifetime.

  1. Sustainable, Local And Organic Resources

Food that is sources locally remains popular and will continue to do so. Since more and more companies are focused on social responsibility, there is concern that all parts of the event may be associated with ‘organic’ or ‘sustainable’ resources. From the material used for staging and décor to the food served by the caterers, companies are making conferences as a forum to express their stand on environment consciousness. The current conference planners need to find innovative ways to promote organic, sustainable and local causes through the events. From locally sourced ingredients to ‘green’ décor, organizers of conferences have to display concerns of responsibility and caring.

  1. Large Audiences

Conference venues, today need to cater to big audiences. As such they must be located in convenient spots, easily accessible by train/ car or air. They need to have adequate parking space. Catering facilities need to be nearby. They must be close to hotel accommodation where attendees can stay and rest.

These are all unusual aspects about conference venues where conferences are hosted by companies.

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