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Server "congestion" still exists after Final Fantasy 14 DDoS attack

Posted by Yucca195 on July 4th, 2019

Early access to the latest extension of Final Fantasy XIV, Shadowbringers, went life earlier this week, but major DDoS attacks on North American servers caused players who tried to view new content early to "extend waiting time."

The attack caused many access issues, including disconnection from the North American data center world, difficulty logging in, and difficulty accessing, sending, and receiving data from the NA data center.

"In the following time, we encountered network technical difficulties caused by DDoS attacks," the latest news from the official Final Fantasy XIV website (thanks to PC Gamer). "As a result, the player may have encountered the listed issues, but we are happy to inform that the game is now playing properly." At the same time, the FFXIV Gil in the game can also be used normally.

Square Enix said at the end of this article that it will continue to "monitor the situation" and "cooperate with ISP to implement countermeasures." However, even now, most of its Japanese and North American servers are classified as "crowded," so if you try to continue, you may need to wait patiently.

"We are currently experiencing high server congestion in some of the world," Square admitted in a follow-up post yesterday. “We further adjusted yesterday's server settings to increase the maximum number of players that each world can play. However, some worlds have exceeded this number and players may experience extended wait times when logging in. “Although login The queue may seem to move slowly, we have confirmed that the queue is progressing steadily as expected. If you encounter a login queue, we will ask you to wait until you log in to enter. ”

The developers also suggested that because the new Spriggan and Twintania worlds in the EU data center have more space than other worlds, players may want to give them a chance to go. Even if I need a certain Buy FFXIV Gil, I don't think the player will refuse.

The latest extension of Final Fantasy XIV, Shadowbringers, is set in the First World and Norvrandt fields and marks the first time players will become Dark Warriors. It saw a new job called Hrothgar, the introduction of dancers and a new player race.

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