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Posted by birder2525 on July 4th, 2019

The perforated percentage of the vertical roller mill product can be less than 10%, while the squeeze crusher has a needle-like percentage content of more than 15%. Therefore, in the case where cubic particles are required, an vertical roller mill is usually used as a final breaking device to produce concrete aggregate;

Since the vertical roller mill grinding the material by the impact principle, it wears very quickly in use. This defect limits the scope of application of the vertical roller mill for a considerable period of time. Can only be used for the crushing of medium and hard materials. How to choose a sand making machine?

Nowadays, many manufacturers use new technology to develop sand making machines, vertical shafts, etc. Various types of equipment have emerged. Of course, customers should recognize what they want when choosing equipment. Equipment, general equipment runs smoothly during the test, but the length of service is still to be observed with Goggles.

Of course, high-quality manufacturers will provide reliable equipment, so choosing a good manufacturer is the primary task. After that, you can consult them with confidence, and you can understand the performance, model, quality, price, etc. of the machine in detail.

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