Global Sweet Whey Powder Market World Market Share, Consumption and Growth Rat

Posted by PRIYANKA KULKARNI on July 4th, 2019

The sweet whey powder is obtained by spray-drying the fresh whey liquid. The whey liquid is obtained from during the manufacturing of cheese. There can be two sources from which the sweet whey powder can be obtained. One is during the cheese pressing of the cheeses such as mozzarella, cheddar, and Swiss cheese. The other is when using rennet for cheese making. The other cheese types result in the making of the acid whey protein. The sweet whey powder can be of two types depending on the nature of the cheese produced, organic and conventional. If there are preservatives or artificial ingredients added during the cheese making, the resulting sweet whey powder will contain the traces of the preservatives thus making the sweet whey powder conventional.

The protein content of the sweet whey powder is comparatively less than the protein isolates that are produced by the companies. But the lactose content is more. The sweet whey powder contains almost 70% lactose content. But the companies are launching new products that contain a less amount of lactose.

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Varied use of the Sweet Whey Powder in the food industry

The sweet whey powder is used in a number of end-use applications, especially in the food industry. The sweet whey powder has many benefits that are being utilized by the companies. The end use industries such as dairy, sauces, infant nutrition, bakery, confectionery use this as a commodity to increase the protein content of their products. The sweet whey powder is also used in the nutraceuticals especially in the protein powder along with the whey isolates. The manufacturing companies of the sweet whey powder also customize their product to comply with the specific requirements of the food manufacturers.

The retail use of the sweet whey powder into households is comparatively less. The main use of a sweet whey powder is for adding color and taste to the food product it is being added to. This is one of the main retail/household uses of the sweet whey powder.

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Sweet Whey Powder: Key Players

Some of the leading players of global Sweet Whey Powder market include Avani Food Products, Hilmar Cheese Company Inc., Glenstal Foods Ltd., Rothenbühler Cheesemakers, Leprino Foods Company, Fayrefield Foods Ltd., SM SPOMLEK Dairy Co-operative, Raab Vitalfood GmbH, Lactalis American Group Inc., SunOpta Inc.

Sweet Whey Powder: Activities by the participants

  • Lactalis American Group Inc., in 2016 launched a new range of products called FloWhey with higher flowability that has a longer storage and easier handling. This obtained from the cheese or casein manufacturing. But the drying of this whey powder is by a special process which has not been revealed by the company.

Sweet Whey Powder: Opportunities

The uses of the sweet whey powder have been increasing over time and so is the demand for it. The research is going on extensively on sweet whey powder to find more uses in the food applications. This is also due to the whey being the waste product of the cheese manufacturing and thus a utilization for the nutrition of the people. There have been so many variations in the sweet whey powder and many of the manufacturers have started demineralizing these powders to suit the demand of the consumers.

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