Natural Rubber Sheet: The Ultimate Choice For Comfort & Safety!

Posted by David Kenton on July 4th, 2019

There is various rubber sheet available in the market. All the rubber sheet contains different properties. But the core intention of these sheets is to give comfort and safety to the people and the industries. Among all kinds of rubber sheets, Natural Rubber Sheet is the primary choice for every other person. Normally these rubber sheets are produced from the latex form of rubber sheet. These contain extreme durability. There are mainly three types of natural rubber are available most, and they are-

• Hevea Brasiliensis:

It is one of the major sources for rubber latex. These species of rubber is very much popular because it grows under the cultivation.

• Congo Rubber:

These rubbers come from the genus landolphia. It is also a major source of rubber.

• Dandelion:

In wild dandelion, the latex content of the rubber is very low, and varies greatly. These were the main three types of rubber latex from which natural rubbers are produced. Besides them, there are many other plants that produce natural rubber. There are some unique features of natural rubbers, and that is:

• Tensile Strength:

Great tensile strength is available in these types of mats.

• Operating Temperature:

Its operating temperature has a great range. Approximately -20 to80 degrees.

• Surface Finish:

All the natural rubber sheet retains a smooth surface finish that gives a comfortable feeling.

• Elongation & Break:

It has great elongation power, and the breakdown capacity is very low.

• Material:

Normally used all kinds of latex forms of rubber.

• Resistant To Chemical:

it is resistant to all kinds of chemicals like acids, alkali, etc.

All these features are available in natural rubbers. Besides natural rubber, there are many other types of rubber also used for the same purposes, like the EPDM Rubber Sheet. These rubber sheets are also called ethylene propylene diene monomer. These mats are. These sheets are widely used for outdoor purposes.

Let’s just see why people should use these rubber sheets;

• These mats can sustain extreme weather conditions.
• These mats are resistant to steam, hot water, and also sustain great physical qualities.
• These mats are heat resistant.
• These mats also provide resistant to the fire.
• UV rays and ozone gasses are also prevented by them.

These properties of these mats make it usable for many application areas:

• It is used in pipes and tanks.
• Used at weatherproofing flashing.
• Used as isolation barriers.
• As dust covers.
• Used as a gasket at the petrochemical industries.
• Used in the transfer and joining sleeves.
• It has various underwater applications too.

It is understood that why a person should use these rubber sheets for their uses. Well, rubber sheets are not only used for the comfort level. These are also used for safety purposes. Many industries are at the stake of any accidents, so rubber sheets are widely used as a safety guard for many industries, as all the rubber sheets are well resistant to the fire and electricity.

Also, some rubber sheets are specially designed for petrochemical industries, and they give ultimate protection to these industries. And among those rubber sheets which is the most popular, that is rubber sheets of nitrile product. These sheets are extremely well resistant to the petroleum-based products, like petrol, diesel, LPG, etc. because of some great property of it, these mats are well resistant to the petroleum products, and those are-

• Highly resistant to fuel and oils.
• It has low permeability to the oils and gasses.
• It has good mechanical strength.
• These sheets are also heat resistant and fire resistant.
• It provides excellent resistance to the chemicals.

These facilities that they provide are hugely acceptable in various sectors, let’s see the sectors that use these rubber sheets:

• For fuel and oil seals.
• Used in the insulation barrier.
• Used in the insulating strips.
• Used in the pipelining.
• Used for the oil resistant skirt board.
• Used in the camlock washers.

Besides these, there are many other application areas also present there. That is why the Nitrile Rubber Sheet is one of the popular rubber sheets that is being used vastly in the petrochemical industries. These sheets decrease the chance of accidents much more as it has great resistant to fire, which is very important in petrochemical industry.

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