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Posted by parker89 on July 4th, 2019

Global Pipeline Processing and Pipeline Services Market: Overview

Pipeline is one of the most crucial and affordable mode of transportation for the purpose of transporting several kinds of products such as water, chemicals, liquid petroleum gas, natural gas, refined petroleum products, petroleum products, and crude oil, among others from the production and drilling sites to the end users and storage terminals. Mainly, the pipelines are buried one to two meters underground. Pipelines are generally made from carbon steel, plastic tubes, or steel. The diameter of these pipeline tubes range from two inches to almost 60 inches. In order to prevent wax buildup, cracks, dents, abrasion, and prevent corrosion, these pipelines have to be minutely inspected. These type of troubleshooting and maintenance activities are known as pipeline services and pipeline processing market. Pipeline processing comprises activities such as leak metering, hot tapping, foam inerting, pipe freezing, hot oil flushing, controlled bolting, leak detection, and chemical cleaning. On the other hand, pipeline services comprises activities such as nitrogen purging, testing services, vacuum drying, dewatering, filling and flooding, pipeline gauging, and pipeline cleaning.

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The report is an inspection into the expansion of the global pipeline processing and pipeline services market over the couple of years and for the years ahead. The market research publication further sorts out the causes of the variations in the market on the global and regional basis. It does this so by assessing the aspects and the trends that were predominant over the last few years and also the ones that are anticipated have an effect on the market over the forecast period. The Porter’s five forces analysis has been also been taken into account by the analysts in order to provide a clear outline of the vendor landscape to the reader of the report. Acquisitions, agreements, mergers, and other businesses have also been stressed in the study. The research study further inspects the administration and workflow of the key players and offers information related to their products, marketing strategies, production process, latest developments, and market shares in the past and future years.

Global Pipeline Processing and Pipeline Services Market: Trends and Prospects

The key drivers of the global pipeline processing and pipeline services market are the growing demand for energy and the discovery of new gas and oil reserves worldwide. Currently, the production of oil and gas has increased substantially across the globe. The demand is further expected to be supplemented by the introduction of new sources of energy and deployment of advancement drilling technology. Moreover, the shifting focus on productive wells is expected to boost the production of oil and gas in the near future, also lifting the demand for pipelines. The expansion and maintenance of the existing pipelines is also expected with the mounting demand for new gas and oil pipelines. There has been a flurry in the demand for pipelines in interstate and intrastate infrastructure. The increasing construction of pipelines is likely to directly influence the growth of the global pipeline processing and pipeline services market.

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Global Pipeline Processing and Pipeline Services Market: Regional Outlook

At present, North America holds the leading share in the global pipeline processing and pipeline services market. The U.S. alone holds over 2,200,000 km of pipeline for the purpose of transportation. Europe and the Middle East also have huge growth potential in the market along with Asia Pacific with the production of oil and gas triggering the need for pipelines.

Global Pipeline Processing and Pipeline Services Market: Vendor Landscape

The companies in the market are SchlumbergerPipeline Services Ltd., ROSEN Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd., Halliburton, Future Pipe Industries, Clock Spring LP, Baker Hughes Inc., Aramco Services Company, and Anabeeb Arabian Pipeline & Services Co. Ltd.

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