Types of earrings according to the shape of your face

Posted by sofia comas on July 4th, 2019

In Priority, we want to help you choose the earrings that best accompany the shape of your face. Sometimes we rush to choose some slopes without looking for those that truly favor us. Keep reading and discover which the ideal earrings are for you.

Earrings for oval face

If your face is oval, you will be able to show the great majority of the earrings without a problem. The shape of your face has great versatility and can choose so long earrings as short earrings. However, you should escape the hoop earrings and round earrings button type. Your biggest allies will be the long triangular earrings, although if you have a very short neck it is recommended that you use earrings with an intermediate length, that is, with a fall but without being too long and without becoming a button. On our website, you can find a pair of perfect earrings for your oval face, such as these.

Earrings for square face

Your face is a bit more complicated to combine with the different models of earrings. The angles of your chin and your forehead are somewhat more marked, so we must use earrings that allow these angles to soften. You should wear small Indian silver earrings with rounded or oval, such as rings or earrings button, which will offset the somewhat less smooth angles of your face and make it more balanced and harmonious.

Earrings for round face

The idea is to run away from round or oval earrings that will accentuate more the shape of your face and the general appearance of your face will lose balance. To bring harmony to your face you should look for slopes with many angles and geometric shapes. Never use hoops, no matter how big these are since they are the type of earrings that will hurt you the most.

For you, the best earrings could be similar to these. Always remember that the slightly rounded shapes are the most suitable for you.

Earrings for long face

For this type of face, the ideal thing is to use earrings nothing hanging and with rounded or oval shapes. We always try to give the face the characteristic that it lacks and achieve the greatest possible harmony in the combination. These will be perfect for you.

The best earrings for a diamond-shaped face.

Women with a diamond-shaped face type will also suit earrings with long lines. Choose soft-bend earrings to smooth out the sharp lines of your cheekbones and chin. Do not choose diamond shaped earrings.

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