Phone Wallet Cases: Yay or Nay?

Posted by jeny1a2 on July 4th, 2019

When it comes to essential phone accessories, phone wallet cases seem to be a favorable trend. If you think about it, it just makes sense to place two necessities that you need every day in one place. But is it really a good idea or not? Here we list the pros and cons of owning a phone wallet case:


  • Convenient –convenience is easily the first benefit of owning a phone wallet case. You do not have to carry them in separate pockets. You can easily carry them in one of your pockets. They also come with a removable strap so you can easily carry them in your hand and they will always be within easy reach.
  • Secure – your wallet contains your hard-earned cash and your credit cards and identification cards. Therefore, it is important that you have them on you at all times. Your phone is something you use every day and you use it all the time. With a phone wallet case, all your essentials are in something you always see and hold. Thus, your cash is not easy to steal. is an expert of cartoon; visit them for more interesting information.
  • Added protection – Phone wallet cases cover the front part of your phone too so your wallet case actually acts as an added protection for your phone compared to the traditional phone case wherein only the back part is protected.

  • Stylish – Phone wallet cases are incredibly stylish. There are a lot of designs and colors to choose from especially for women. For men, there are also leather wallet phone cases to give you that sleek and sophisticated style.
  • Cheap – Wallets are expensive. Phone cases can be expensive depending on the design. If you buy them separately, it will surely cost a lot. However, if you can get two for one purchase, you actually get to save money. Of course, high-quality phone wallet cases will come with a big price tag but you can be assured that they will last for years. It will definitely be worth the purchase. It is advised that you stir away from poor quality phone wallet cases because they break out easily especially if you place a lot of cash or wads of receipts in them.
  • Comes in different sizes – You can get a bulky wallet phone case or a slim one. If you are the type who saves all your receipts the bulky one should be the better choice for you. If you are the type who do not carry around much cash and just swipe your purchases with your cards, then the slim wallet phone cases are the best choice for you. Generally, it is advised that you do not overload your case with contents because this will cause the cracking and splitting of the case. Make it a habit to clean out your content often.
  • Can fit multiple models – There are wallet phone cases especially made to fit a certain phone model (especially the slim ones) but there are also wallet phone cases that can accommodate multiple models and brands of phones like a one size fits all solution.


  • If you lose your phone, you have a greater loss to deal with – Imagine the heartbreak when you lose your LG g7 phone. Imagine the panic and stress when you lose your wallet. Now imagine losing both. You will probably hate yourself for a while. If you are the type of person who loses their phone a lot (do not feel bad, you are not alone) a phone wallet case will probably not be the best option for you.

 As you can see the pros definitely outweigh the cons in this one. So, unless you are the type of person who keeps losing their phone, getting a wallet phone case is a good, convenient, and stylish way to keep your necessities and cash secure in one place.

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