The Custom T-shirt Printing Industry is Booming. Here’s Why!

Posted by Edwward Liie on July 4th, 2019

The t shirt printing business for customized prints has been booming in the past few years as more and more people are moving away from commercial clothing. People as young as 14-year old’s want customized prints these days instead of shopping from mainstream brands. Here are a few reasons why customized printing for t-shirts and accessories has become such a huge deal –

Freedom of expression
Everybody loves to express their creativity and their ideologies and with the t shirt printing companies, they can express themselves on their clothing! This is an excellent way to speak what is on your mind be it with artwork or even with text on the t-shirt. Youngsters love to freely express their point of view no matter how obscene it may be and customized clothing with prints and texts help them do exactly that.

Unique designs
Commercial clothing has the same design printed across different clothing and apparel pieces which doesn’t make the product unique in any way. Sure, it looks great, but the uniqueness of the design gets watered down when hundreds of people are wearing the same type of t-shirt!

With customized t shirt embroidery and printing, people can create their own unique designs and wear them with pride. Since it is a design and concept that isn’t spread through commercial media, you can be assured that the design will be one of a kind and strictly a collector’s item!

Affordable alternative
A lot of people are under the impression that customized clothing is expensive, however, with the recent boom in customized clothing companies, getting a custom print on a t-shirt is way more affordable than buying a brand-new t-shirt. That's right! You can easily buy a plain colored t-shirt and have it custom printed for way lesser amount than the cost of a brand-new t-shirt.

A lot of people also do DIY prints for their clothes to further save a few extra bucks. You can check the product sharing description on different printing companies to find the best cost for your t-shirt print so that you stay in your budget.

Perfect for gifting
People love receiving customized gifts and with websites like Blu Dog, you can easily gift your loved ones a customized t-shirt print with the best quality print and embroidery. Right from customized greetings to funny messages and unique designs, a custom printed clothing piece can be a treasured gift for years to come.

A lot of companies these days are also opting for personalized and customized prints for their clients and customers. Right from gifting for personal celebrations to creating high-quality merchandise for employees and clients, t-shirt printing and embroidery is a trend that is here to stay!

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