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Posted by Trust Basket on July 4th, 2019

In modern residential areas, people living in flats and apartments usually do not have the space for setting up a garden. Due to space constraints, the dream of having a garden cannot be achieved. When it comes to gardening, these space constraints make most of us lose interest. For such people, the balcony can be a great place to bring greenery to their house. There are no hard and fast rules that you need to have large space to maintain a garden. Here is a way to show your affection towards the plants. It is called Balcony gardening or Terrace gardening.Even if you have a small balcony, you can decorate it with the help of wall hanging planters and beautify the walls and railings in the balcony. Let us discuss some interesting ideas that can help you in decorating your balcony or veranda:

1. Begin with a Few Small Pots

It is better to start decorating the balcony with a minimal number of plants. If those plants can grow easily in those conditions, then you can add more plants to the balcony. You can experiment with different layouts and gradually expand your garden.

2. Make the Right Choice of Plants

You need to choose the right kind of plants according to the climate at your place, the direction of the balcony, and the time you can spend in taking care of the plants. Some plants may not be ideal for growing if you have a shady balcony. You can start with some bright and colourful flowering shrubs like roses and along with that some evergreen plants.

3. Need patience to grow plants from seeds

It is challenging to grow flowering plants from seeds as it takes a lot of time and effort. Flowering plants take a lot of time to get flowers on them if grown from seeds. Few opt to buy potted plants which you can keep in the balcony, and they can start flowering right away. But if you want to experience every stage of your plant’s growth, using seeds instead of potted plants is suggestible.

4. Keep the Right Combination

You can make beautiful combinations of colourful flowering plants instead of keeping them alone. It can add beauty to the balcony. But you need to make sure that you do not combine the plants that require entirely different conditions to grow.

5. Make Unique Arrangements

You can try different types of arrangements for the plants like vertically arranging them or keeping them hanging around the railing. You can arrange the plants according to their size and shape to make different types of arrangements as per the space available.

By using the creative ideas listed above, you can give a new look to your balcony with wall hanging flower pots. Get the plants and pots you need and start decorating your balcony today.

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