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Posted by Jamie Jones on July 4th, 2019

July is a month with RS big summer update – the Land Out of Time. Now the release date of the Land Out of Time has been confirmed, and players are able to enjoy various new contents with this big update.

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RuneScape Anachronia released on July 8th

The recent RS official Tweet has revealed the release date of RuneScape the Land Out of Time update. The Land Out of Time, also known as Anachronia or Fossil Island, will be released in game with various new contents on July 8th, 2019.

What can you enjoy in RuneScape Anachronia?

1. Big Game Hunting
Big Game Hunter will introduce nine new creatures, with requirements ranging from level 75 Hunter to level 96 Hunter. Players will first need to gather resources, trap and kill the creature, collect the loot, and then skin it.
2. New Slayer master
A new Slayer master named Laniakea which requires level 90 Slayer and level 120 combat. She can assign players a cluster task as well as regular tasks from Morvran with some of the lower tier creatures removed.
3. New Slayer monsters
There will be 4 new dinosaur Slayer creatures and 4 new plant-based Slayer creatures that players can grow themselves with Farming. The above eight new Slayer creatures will range from level 90 Slayer to level 114 Slayer.
4. New Agility course
A new Agility course will go all the way around the island, which is the quickest way to get from one point to another. Players can enter and leave the course at most points, as well as travel around the course in both directions.

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