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Posted by johnhrq on July 4th, 2019

There are many reasons a gun enthusiast might be looking for Bond Arms Products For Sale such as legendary quality and innovative pairings of action and caliber. Likely, you are a competition shooter or defense-minded citizen practicing concealed carry. If either of those is the case, there are few manufacturers that can hold a candle to Bond Arms. The parent of multiple innovative platforms and a perfecter of design, Bond Arms has consistently brought reliable, absolutely indestructible handguns to those who rely on them for the defense of life and limb.

Specializing in handguns with a single action platform and with a derringer design, Bond Arms brings peerless handguns to the fold. One of their most attractive deals is their Old Glory Package. The barrel and ash grips are beautifully engraved with the stars and stripes, much in the vein of the gunsmiths of old and their custom builds. The chambering is in .45LC/.410 and is much to the delight of those who laud the prowess of the former. The .410 needs no introduction as shotshells have been universally appreciated for their stopping power. With a derringer action and cross-bolt safety, there is hardly a more reliable platform for concealed carry, when reliability and failsafe are of the utmost importance. The package even comes with a replacement set of barrels which can come in useful as a spare or for heavy shooting.

Another highly popular derringer is the Bond Arms CA Defender, handsomely engraved with a California brown bear on the grips. Four and a half inches overall, this model is perfect for concealed carry and is chambered in the ubiquitous 9mm Luger, a staple of shooters for its reliability, stopping power, and its wide availability. This model will be right at home in the holster of anyone who values reliable action and a proven cartridge for protection.

Of course, Bond Arms is just as at home with the purvey of semi-automatic models where speed and follow up shots are as important as concealment and portability. Bond Arms Bullpup9 is the perfect marriage of such considerations. As diminutive in size as many derringers, the Bullpup9 weighs just over 17 ounces and sports a barrel of 3.35 inches, ideal for concealment and close quarters. Moreover, this gun has adjustable sights and a capacity of 7 plus 1 for situations where follow up shots might be imperative. As if function and size were not enough, this unit’s utility is married to its aesthetics - with a handsome steel slide and rosewood grips, this is one of the most handsome little pistols on the market.

Of course, in addition to the above listed, Bond Arms also offers derringers in other calibers such as .45ACP, .45 Colt, .357 Magnum, and others, depending on your intended use of the firearm. They offer aesthetic specials with respect to feature and grip scales and different barrel lengths, depending on your preference of balance with your handgun. When you’re searching for Bond Arms products for sale, you need look no further than G4G Guns.

That’s because, at G4G Guns, you’ll find all of the above-listed stock and more from Bond Arms, in addition to an entire and complete line of outdoor goods from fishing to camping, hunting and more. G4G Guns has been making a name for itself amongst outdoor enthusiasts for its selection and excellent prices, serving as a one-stop shop where outdoorsmen can turn to find the necessaries like ammo, slings, holsters, and even knives, tools and other outdoor essentials. So when you’re planning your next outdoor adventure, whether it’s a day at the range or a weekend in the field, head to www.g4gguns.com beforehand and be prepared.

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