Planet Jupiter and The Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

Posted by Andy on July 4th, 2019

Did you know that each zodiac sign has a different planet that rules over it?

Well I was not aware of this and recently I got very interested in the zodiac Saggitarius and the big role the planet Jupiter has in it.

Jupiter is the ruling or governing planet over the zodiac symbol Sagittarius. This means that the qualities of this planet have a big impact on both the characteristics and traits of people who belong to Sagittarius.

This is so interesting as it goes really deep and what I love the most is that everything makes kind of sense when I think of my own experiences. 

There are lots of qualities that belong to Jupiter but in this article I will cover only the main ones. Which are: Justice, Smart, Eduation and Experiencing.

People who fall under Sagittarius are extremely moral which has an effect on how highly they value justice. These people can not handle injustice and unfair situations and most always try to resolve conflicts and arguments on the spot by reasoning logically. Hence, you will find Sagittarius the most reasonable. This is because they think deep over every small thing and no small thing goes unnoticed. If you treat them unfairly, they will remember it for a lifetime and they will not forget this.

The sagittarius sign is also known to be extremely smart and this can be linked back to the injustice and how important they place education in their life. They are constantly busy with improving themselves and trying to get better every single day. The people they hang out with usually are very intelligent themselves and they like to talk about philosophical aspects of life. Such as the meaning of life and more of these deep topics. 

Sagittarius people also like to experience new things. Think of travelling domestically and internationally. But also new experiences in the form of trying out new things, a new type of food or just a complete new thing. This has to do because they like to develop themselves and therefore are not shy and shameful in trying new things out. They are familiar that they have to try new things out in order to know and gain knowledge. This gives them wisdom later on in their years and satisfaction as well. Because they tihnk that ignorance is dangerous, so they are not afraid of expanding their boundaries.

Think of it that these qualities are just one of the many that the ruling planet Jupiter gives to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. I think that it is amazing and can continue in this subject for hours. I find that this portraits the Sagittarius people the best. Each sign in astrology has its own ruling and governing planet and it is interesting to learn about these and see if you can recognize this in your surroundings. I tried it and it was a fun way to both learn and experience astrology in my everyday life. 

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