How to Sell a House Fast

Posted by We Buy Houses on July 4th, 2019

Selling Your House Fast

When you need to sell your home quickly, you simply cannot afford to wait around for some buyer to hopefully qualify for a new bank mortgage. However, since we buy houses for cash, you can sell your house, condo, patio home, town house, or loft to us and get the whole process done and over with in a very short time frame. In fact, if you are anxious to move and cash out quickly, we can even close the transaction in just 7 days from when you first contact us to buy your home.

When you say you buy houses for cash, will you actually show up with a briefcase full of hundred dollar bills?

No, of course not! That only happens in the movies. Rather, we mean that our funds are readily available in our bank account and that you won't have to wait for us to qualify for any bank financing. This can shave months off of the real estate closing process. It also means that when all the title work for the property is completed by the title company or real estate closing attorney, we can simply wire the money to the closing agent on whatever closing date that you picked.

We Buy Ugly Houses Fast

Wow, imagine how nice it will be for you to find a homebuyer like us to just buy your house quickly where the only thing that you have to do to is just make one phone call and then pack your bags and move out.

So if you are still wondering to yourself "How can I sell my house fast for cash?", your wait is over. We are a company that buys houses in any condition.

Need to Stop Property Foreclosure? Can I prevent a Property Tax Foreclosure?

If you have received notice in the mail, posted on your door, or delivered to you saying your home or your property is "subject to foreclosure," "in foreclosure," or will be "sold at auction" because of unpaid taxes, you may be able to stop or delay the foreclosure and sale of your home.
Why did I get this notice? What is a property tax foreclosure?

The County charges property taxes yearly. Every year, the county collects state and local taxes based on the value of your home.

The County starts a foreclosure if any property taxes are unpaid for three years. The county can sell your home to collect all unpaid property taxes. If you have not paid property taxes for three years or longer, the county will start the process of "foreclosure."

*Example: It is 2014. You owe property taxes from 2011, but are current for 2012, 2013 and 2014. The county can start foreclosure to sell your home to pay the 2011 property taxes.

The County provides notice of court hearing. Before the county sells your home, it must give you at least 30 days' notice of a court hearing about the foreclosure. The notice must tell you the hearing place, date, and time.

At the hearing, you will have a chance to tell the judge why the county should not foreclose your home. The county will sell your home at auction unless you take steps to stop the foreclosure.

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