Living With Dementia And Want To Stay At Home? There Is A Way

Posted by Anna on July 4th, 2019

In the UK it is estimated that over 850,000 people have dementia. If you are one of the many people in the UK with a dementia diagnosis, you may believe that you have to move into a residential care home once the disease develops.

It is important that you know that this is not the case, and you can stay at home.

A change in your routine and environment can be extremely scary and confusing if you have dementia. This is why more and more families are considering homecare services, instead of residential care homes. Receiving care at home means that you can stay in the place you love the most, whilst remaining safe and getting the support you need. Whether you need visiting care of 24/7 care, at at home care company can provide you with the one to one at home assistance you need to live the highest quality of life possible with your dementia diagnosis.

Dementia Specialists With Experience

One of the most important aspects of dementia care in the home is the level of care that is provided. With the right care providers, you will receive dedicated homecare services from a dementia nurse who has experience working with people who have dementia. Challenges like memory loss, emotional challenges and other unique aspects of the disease are challenges an experienced dementia nurse is able to effectively work with.

Care At Home Provides Vital Companionship

Unfortunately, various charities investigating loneliness have found that care homes go hand in hand with loneliness. Residents can find they lose a sense of self, and they feel separate from the world around them. Dementia sufferers too are more prone to loneliness. In a study by The Alzheimers Society it showed that almost half of dementia sufferers feel lonely. Loneliness can cause all kinds of health issues such as depression and anxiety, along with making physical issues worse. All of that aside, loneliness totally detracts from a person's quality of life, and it isn't something anybody should have to go through.

One of the most incredible parts of care in the home is the companionship. Dementia sufferers get to know a familiar face, and they get companionship day in day out. Carers will also place an emphasis on doing what they can to enhance the social life of their clients, helping link them to clubs with people of the same age, local events, and help them with mobility so they can see neighbours, friends and family.

How To Find In-Home Dementia Specialist Care

If you have dementia and you want to stay in your own home there is an option for you and that is dementia specialist care. Nurses who are experienced in dementia care can provide the level of care you require in your home, keeping you safe, and helping you have the highest possible quality of life. The first step is to look into the guidance about care funding for an idea of the costs.

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