Dos and Don'ts of Driving in Dubai

Posted by Stieve Jack on July 4th, 2019


Wear your seat belt

This seems to be a striking one, the seat belt in the vehicle has the only reason to ensure the driver is due to an accident. However, to ensure that everyone in the vehicle has a seat belt, this fine for apparently minor violations has been extended. Individuals need to pay 400 AEDs in fines if they drive without securing their seat belts.

Defensive driving

Driving in Dubai can be a test. With a large number of fast-moving drivers, cutting individuals and only acting as if they were individuals from Fast and Furious, careful driving is very important. It is important to know and be cautious reliably - and stay away from all kinds of strong driving, because it accompanies the development of fines. Drivers must pay fines to follow carefully (400 AED + four dark focus), exceed hard shoulders (1,000 AED + six dark focus), and if someone is accepted to drive in a way that endangers other lives, at that time they must pay 2,000 AEDs, will get 23 dark focus on permits and reallocation of vehicles for 60 days.


Run the red light

If the red light method stops, all drivers must stop. Tragically it is generally not a situation and the impact in convergence can in all cases effectively leave death. So per the law driving UAE, every person who runs a red light will be fined 1,000 AEDs, get 12 dark focus on their permission and have their vehicle adjusted for 30 days. However, this is the absolute best situation. In certain areas of the city where the Dubai Tram is found, turning on red lights and causing accidents with cable cars can cause fines as high as 30,000 AEDs and substantially more original results.

Look briefly on your cellphone

Dubai is a city with a lot of traffic. Amid a spike in hours, a drive that usually takes 20 minutes can take up to 90 minutes. In this way, while sitting in rush hour traffic, seeing a telephone and seeing what people are doing on Instagram can be very interesting. Nonetheless, small demonstrations that deviate from these transit regulations can result in a fine of 800 AEDs and four dark focus on permits.

Drinking and Driving

This would give the impression of being undeniable - but many people still grabbed drinks before entering the driver's seat. Dubai has zero resistance with anyone driving disrupted and violators of this standard can get into some genuine inconveniences. Drinking and driving can produce the most extreme fines of 20,000 AEDs, 23 dark focus and reallocated vehicles for 60 days.

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