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Posted by Martin King on July 5th, 2019

Credit reports are a record of any consumer’s credit history, compiled by the various credit bureaus. Your credit score (provided based on your credit report), along with the report, is used by lenders as a yardstick to measure the risk of providing you with a loan or credit. In order to get credits, loans, or insurance, especially at smaller interests, it is essential to have a good credit report, with a high score. A good credit score needed for home loan is a must. Thus, repairing your credit is an important financial step.

Credit repair is made legal by Federal law in every state of the US. The Credit Repair Organizations Act gives any individual or a company the right to hire a qualified third party to help with improving their credit report in exchange for a service fee. It is the job of a credit repair organization to mend your credit score and make you eligible for a credit, that is, increases your credibility to creditors. When you hire a service for credit repair in Rochester, NY you authorize the organization to request for a copy of your credit report from any one of the major credit bureaus. Once the credit report is issued, it is important to look for the entries that negatively affect your credit score. The things that hurt your credit score include:

  • Consistently missing deadlines in paying credit card bills.
  • A high credit utilization ratio – your credit score will be negatively impacted if you’re currently using a high fraction of your available credit.
  • The account sent to a collection agency by your creditor.
  • Filing a bankruptcy.
  • Requesting too many new credits – each time you request a new credit, your credit report shows an inquiry, which lowers your credit score.
  • Short credit history.

The credit repair organization will go through these negative items on your report and file a dispute to the credit bureau for any erroneous report. The bureau is bound to verify your claim within a span of 30 days unless they consider the claim frivolous. If they cannot gather sufficient proof of you being a defaulter, that particular entry is removed from the report. This elevates your credit score. However, building up a positive record is as important as deleting the negative items from the report. This can be done by regular reviewing of your credit report and identifying the troublesome areas. The practice of consistently paying your bills on time goes a long way in elevating your credit score. Another way to repair credits is by keeping a low credit utilization ratio. A credit utilization ratio below 30% is considered suitable by most lenders. To achieve this, keep the credit card balances low. Further, open new credit accounts only when necessary.

Credit repair may be a daunting task, especially for people who are not acquainted with handling financial affairs. With White Jacobs & Associates, you can now have your credit score uplifted without you having to wrack your brain. We provide credit repair in Sacramento and Rochester NY. Our team identifies the blemishes on your report and works efficiently to eliminate them and boost your credit score. Besides, our team of experts will help you build a better credit history by guiding you into the best possible course of action. 

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