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The Patent Process

In patent law, there are three main parts of patenting an invention.

First: - A global or US patent search is organized on many proprietary databases to ensure that your invention is original.

Second: - A detailed patent application has been drafted and filed with the patent office to ensure that your concept is unique. The application should be kept in mind not only for invention but also to the legal scenario, prior patent submissions, and commercialization plans of an inventor.

Third and Final step:-

Until the approval, the USPTO has to prosecute a patent. It takes years to finalize the whole process, so it is important that you work with someone who is experienced in patent services and the people you trust will be committed for a long time.

Aggasso will help you maximize your chances of success with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and will reduce the art issues with competitors by considering prior patent submissions, overall review procedures and a draft appropriate approach to the application in your area.

Our Trademark, Copyright, and Patentsservice provider supports for patent application drafting, domestic and international patent prosecution, due diligence, opinion interpretation for violation and validity, agreement and transaction work, expert testimony, and prosecution.


Your brand is your product and service name. Trademark is an affordable way to get federal security for the name of your product or service, and our trademark services help make it an easy process. Once you have a registered federal trademark, you can use the symbol® in relation to your mark. Having a trademark helps your customers recognize your product or service more than your competitors. '

To get started, you do not have to use the name yet - according to the trademark law, the trademark can be filed as a mark of use of intent. You only need good faith to start using the mark.

Once you are ready to use the name in commerce, Trademark, Copyright, and Patents service provider can help you secure the necessary federal registration. We can help you with the first step of choosing your brand, to ensure that your trademark is classified through category research and registration process.

Our experts of Trademark, Copyright, and Patents continue provides support to maintain mark and monitor potential violations and advise you if any action is necessary.


A copyright protects literary works (including software code), music, dramatic, choreographic, pictures or graphics, audio-visual or architectural works, or a sound recording from being represented without the permission of the copyright owner. Copyright law allows author or current owner to authorize copies or replicas of the work and to create derivative works.

Copyright can be easy to see but can be challenging in practice. This is the reason why copyright services are so important, for example, it is extremely important that a legally enforceable agreement be used to transfer one of the bundles of rights.

Without this, the title of ownership and work may be in dispute, and unlike the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which provides an internal administrative process to resolve the most controversies for copyright disputes in the United States courts.

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