5 useful tips for prospective direct sellers that will help in winning the race

Posted by Nitin Arora on July 5th, 2019

Independent living has become a priority for many of us today and monetary independence can draw a line towards the sense of freedom. For those who have other responsibilities at home such as family and children, it becomes difficult for them to go out for a traditional 9 to 5 job. But the introduction of marketing and direct selling jobs which are accessible right from the comfort of home or can be done at a suitable time depending on individual preference, has opened up new avenues for such people and all other people who desire flexibility at work. Direct selling jobs and Multi-level marketing consultants are ruling the marketing industry today. With no further intervention, let us understand the core of this business.

What are direct sales?

Direct selling is a form of retail in which direct selling consultants sell and market directly to consumers using their own personal and communication skills. Without investing in product manufacturing or innovation, they instantly become a part of the company’s sales and profits earning a profit on the sale of each product. One may promote the offerings in a group setting, party or online. It's all about connecting with people and building relationships and expanding networks coupled with a strong focus on selling.. As a direct selling consultant, you will enjoy the benefit of being your own boss. Direct sales may involve:

  • Door to door sales

  • Online sales

  • Selling through word of mouth or referrals among friends and family

Five useful tips for prospective direct sellers that will help them win the race:

Every successful endeavor requires specific guidelines to follow. Here are five valuable tips for potential direct sellers, which will help them to win the race:

1.    You must have the knack of selling 

The first thing to keep in mind is that direct selling involves the sale of the product at the end of the day. So before you venture into the business, you must be very sure about your selling capabilities and must not shy away from discussing your product with your family, friends, and acquaintances. However, many people get attracted to the lifestyle and work environment that a direct sales business provides but everything comes with a cost. 

2.    Choose the right company and the right product for you 

One may be interested in cosmetics and others may be interested in kitchenware and dinnerware products. You have to be wise in choosing your product when it comes to direct sales. Choose a product about which you can talk all day. So this can only happen if you are fascinated by something. So you get your hands on the right product category before you enter the MLM business. Now comes the requirement to choose a company which you will enroll you as a direct selling consultant. Do some research which you search for a valid, reputed and trustworthy company and make sure to finalize one which offers. 

  • Quality products

  • Rigorous training program for the consultants

  • A great compensation plan that supports your efforts

3.    Ask a lot of questions before enrolling as a direct sales rep

Things can be luring in the beginning, but in the end, what matters is earning profit through sales. Here are a few questions which will let you evaluate the person who'd be your sponsor. 

  • What are your annual sales?

  • How often do you run promotional events?

  • How much revenue did you earn last year — your income and bonuses, fewer expenses?

  • What percentage of your sales were rewarded to distributors?

  • How often do you conduct training sessions and how much do you spend on training and buying products each year?

  • What is your company’s present growth rate? 

  • How many people have you recruited? 

Asking such questions to your sponsor will make you more aware and helps ensure if they are capable enough to fulfill what they claim. 

4. Don't fall prey to the Pyramid schemes

Sometimes the lure of direct selling and independent business ownership may lure you to invest in wrong schemes. Ever heard of a Pyramid Scheme? In this scheme, top level members recruit new members via a promise of payments and each new member pays upfront costs to those who enrolled them. (MLMs) appear similar in nature to pyramid schemes, but differ in that they involve selling the company’s products directly to the consumer. A Pyramid business structure only lures you to invest your money into their business and also asks you to recruit new consultants who will again invest their money. It does not involve the sale of actual goods or services and should not be confused with the MLM business model.

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